Spring Fling: My Spring Favourites

In my world, Spring and pink go hand in hand.


So I thought I’d share with you all a couple of things that I’m absolutely loving this Spring. Believe it or not, I didn’t have a colour scheme in mind when I collected these items – it just happened!

(I finally sorted a camera out as well which is fabulous! I managed to leave my camera in Durham for the break so my sister has kindly let me borrow hers.)

zoomLets start with the most important: Jammie Dodgers Berry Blast! I absolutely adore Jammy Dodgers and was so thrilled when I started eating vegan to discover that they were animal-product free! What with revision starting up and exams looming, these are perfect for a little sugar boost and have a gorgeous fruity taste.

Nail wise, Maybelline’s Forever Strong Nudes in Nude Rose is my absolute favourite! Its a really nice dusty pink and is perfect for the transition from the dark of winter to the brights of summer. I’ve been looking for a lip colour to match but can’t find one anywhere?! Does anyone know where I can find a match?

These sunglasses are my new favourite (non-makeup) purchase. I picked them up in the Anthropologie sale for about £15 which for Anthropologie is such a steal! I couldn’t believe it! Its normally one of those shops that you go into just to have a look around. These sunglasses look so cute on and the peachy-pink is perfect for spring (they also come in a lovely baby blue).

I picked this gorgeous Pink Lemonade and Peach scented candle up from Tesco on Easter Monday for £3 and it smells absolutely heavenly! It comes in a lovely matte white glass jar and looks so pretty on my shelf. The scent is really light and refreshing and reminds me of picnics outside and garden parties – perfect for the coming Summer! I find that I work so much harder when I have a candle burning so I can’t wait to get this baby burning!

brows and lips

Pink lips are looking to be big in the blogging world for Spring! I’ve chosen these two Maybelline lip colours as my Spring essentials. Their Color Show Lipstick in Minimalist and their Super Stay 14Hr in Ultimate Blush are both gorgeous light pinky colours and have a little bit of shine (not normally something I’d go for – matte all the way!) As a bonus, they both smell absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, I want to lick them off my lips as soon as they go on!

In the last month or so I’ve learnt to control my brows. For years I’ve been plucking and shaping and then stopping there. It wasn’t until I decided to get my eyebrows tinted and shaped that I really realised how important they are! I now have a full brow – complete with trimming and shaping and smoothing and shading and highlighting and all! Of course, I couldn’t have done any of it without the MUA Eye Brow Kit! Seriously! The kit comes in two shades, dark or fair-to-dark, and contains a mini tweezer, double sided brush, colours to fill, a lighter tone to highlight the brow bone, and a gel to smooth. For £3.50, who wouldn’t? I love my new brows and can’t thank MUA enough!

What do you think? Do you love pink for Spring or, to paraphrase the great Meryl Streep, is it a little too ‘groundbreaking?’
Let me know!



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