Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool With Dream Apartments

Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool

[left]Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool[/left][right]
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Over the bank holiday, Ollie and I jumped on a train from Durham for two days of fun exploring Liverpool. Weirdly, neither of us had ever been before! We weren’t disappointed.

Liverpool is gorgeous, the people are excellent, and we had a really wonderful time. Shall I go into a little more detail on what we got up to?


– Where to stay! –

Dream Apartments, Liverpool

So for our little trip to Liverpool, we were lucky enough to be offered a night’s stay with the wonderful Dream Apartments. Put simply, Dream Apartments take hotel-stays to the next level, offering you a whole apartment rather than just a boring bedroom. Our apartment was exceptional. Two bedrooms, with the comfiest bed known to mankind, a gorgeous and HUGE bathroom, and an amazing living room/kitchen with a door out to a deck. Everything we could have wanted was included: think washing machine, full oven and hob, and even a bottle of prosecco because we fancy like that!


Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool
Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool
Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool

You may have seen on my instagram story on Monday morning, but I had the BEST night’s sleep. We were so tired after our first day in Liverpool, and the bed was so so comfy, and I honestly passed out at around 9:30pm. Living that rock and roll Liverpool lifestyle to the full. I can’t stress how nice it is going to sleep in a properly dark room, in a comfy bed – it’s something I haven’t done in months. My flat in Durham has nine windows and doesn’t have proper blinds??? and it’s been so hot in London that when I’m there I have to sleep with the skylights open and all that light pollution shining in. Our room at Dream Apartments was perfect. Dark, cosy and comfortable, and I slept for about ten hours. I wish I was there right now.

On top of the best sleep ever, the ideal thing about having your own apartment is that you don’t have to get dressed for breakfast. A lazy gal like me has no time for that. I was in our kitchen at 10am (lol), boiling the kettle for tea and whipping up some toast and cereal to eat in front of the TV. I’d loved to have stayed longer. If you’re staying somewhere for a few days, being able to cook yourself up something yourself is a godsend. Homely, comforting, and less of that ‘expensive meal out every single meal’ vibe. I don’t think you realise how great it is to have your own kitchen until you’re away and all you want is a plate for your takeaway and a glass for your water.

Thanks so much to Dream Apartments for having us – we had a lovely time and loved our apartment! I’ll definitely look out for them on my next city break.

– Where to eat! –

The joy of your own Dream Apartment is that you have choice – you can either go out and explore the city, or you can laze on the sofa with a bowl of home-cooked pasta and a cup of tea. The choice is absolutely yours. For our evening meal, we opted for a cheeky Vietnamese deliveroo in front of a film on the TV. Some call it lazy, others call it energy saving for a full day of sightseeing in the morning.

If you do fancy branching out, however, we tried a few spots worth going to.

Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool [left]Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool[/left][right] Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool[/right]

Mowgli, Water Street

We dumped our bags in our flat and basically ran over the road to Mowgli. EVERYONE on instagram had recommended it to me, and when I suggested it to my cousin he seemed impressed. Ollie’s also a HUGE Indian food fan (me too but like he LOVES it) and he’d been excited for it ever since I suggested it – almost a month ago now! Imagine, he was in Costa Rica or somewhere in Central America and he was buzzing for Indian food in Liverpool…

Mowgli did not disappoint. The food was sensational. We shared three curries and a gunpowder chicken between the two of us, with a little room for dessert after. Everything was perfect! Aside from the food, my absolute highlight was the waiter singing Ollie’s full name to Eleanor Rigby when we were paying the bill. I can’t recommend Mowgli enough!

Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool [left]

Love Thy Neighbour, Bold Street

An instagram cliche but for a very good reason. The super aesthetic Love Thy Neighbour is right at the top of Bold Street and is worth the queue for a table. The food is delicious – healthy, cool and delicious – and the vibe is so on point. Way cooler than instagram has had me to believe, and that’s saying something.

We ordered from the all day brunch menu along with a side of halloumi fries to share and everything was delicious! Service was a little slow (to be expected on a busy bank holiday Monday) but that was no issue. We had nowhere to be, the our little corner of the café was lovely.

I can imagine that it would be the perfect place to spend a weekday working on blog stuff. If I lived in Liverpool it would definitely be a regular haunt. Bring your laptop, sit in front of a neon sign, and smash cup of tea after cup of tea while you conquer the online world. The dream day!

If the pink and green of Love Thy Neighbour isn’t your vibe, then somewhere on Bold Street definitely will be. So many indie restaurants and vintage stores – its a paradise! I wish we’d stayed longer to try every single one. Aesthetic goals for days!

[/left][right]Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool[/right]

– What to do! –

Hit the shops at Liverpool1

It’ll come as no shock to you that the shopping in Liverpool is incredible. Name a store and you’ll find it in the city centre, ready to be explored. As someone who’s spent the last five years living in Durham (with a Topshop the size of my bathroom, a New Look and an H&M) I’m always so excited to head somewhere with a little more choice. Weirdly I never really go into Newcastle though… Anyway, Liverpool’s shopping scene is honestly such a treat. The Primark is incredible, there’s a great John Lewis which is a huge tick for me, and Ollie and I spent a good few hours exploring. Beautifully laid out, it’s the perfect place to shop ’til you drop.

Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool

[left]Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool[/left][right]

Explore the music scene

Liverpool’s music scene is no secret. We all know the Beatles and where they came from. They’re absolutely everywhere in Liverpool – from sculptures on the streets and sides of buildings, to the world famous Cavern Club. Music is in Liverpool’s blood.

As the losers that Ollie and I are, we decided to be the worst and semi-ignore the Beatles in favour of other Liverpudlian stars. A favourite was loudly announcing outside the Cavern Club that these were the streets that Mel C used to walk and how humbled we were. I’m a huge huge Beatles fan so I’m probably going to Beatles hell now.

You can take tours of all the favourite Beatles haunts, the places that inspired the songs, and follow in their footsteps. There are Beatles museums all over the place, and Beatles shops and Beatles everything.

Because of all the Beatles vibes, a few key sites can get super touristy. I cannot tell you how long it took to take the photo below. If you’ve ever had your photo taken at Peggy Porschen you’ll understand. It took at least 25 mins to get a snap without people. My least favourite were the people who would have their photo taken, and then go and stand behind the sculpture!!!! You got your photo! Don’t ruin it for everyone else!


Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool


Head down to the docks

We only went down to the front briefly as the wind was playing all sorts of embarrassing games with my wrap skirt, but what we did see was absolutely glorious. Apart from the Beatles sculpture above, there’s a cute little funfair, the famous Liver Building and Liverpool’s museums. On my next trip I’ll definitely have to hit the museums properly, rather than glance at them from the outside.

Thank you so much to Dream Apartments for having us to stay, and for opening our eyes to the wonders of Liverpool. I can’t wait to head back and explore a little more, and I definitely know who I’ll be staying with when I do!


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