Some February Goals

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Another January that seemed to go on forever, eh? I remember this time last year I had just finished a disgusting few weeks of writing essays so to be honest with you, this year has gone swimmingly so far in comparison. Sure I’m poor and cold, but I’m not in the library. I’ll drink to that.

This month is looking pretty good, if I’m honest. I have a few little things planned and the days are getting longer. What more could a girl want? Well… a few things actually. Shall we talk goals?

  1. Save some money (just a little). I’m slowly ending each month with a little bit more in my bank account than the last – though this long January has seen it take a bit of a battering. I have a few little instagram collabs and stuff in the pipeline, and a few invoices due to come in, so that money’s going straight into my little side account for a rainy day.
  2. Think about some travel plans. This month we have a mini break booked for Bergen, Norway, over Valentine’s weekend. I can’t wait. A little bit of a change of scenery and a few days away – I’m bloody excited. But at the moment those four days are pretty much all I have planned ever. February is the perfect month to sit down with a pen, paper, and a few guidebooks, and think about where I want to travel to next.
  3. Think about where I’m going to take this blogging thing next. My hosting and domain expire soon and things have been slowing down (as you’ve definitely noticed). I’m torn between a little rebrand or throwing in the towel altogether. It’s going to take a lot of soul searching to figure it out. I love(d) blogging and it was a huge part of my life – now it’s fallen by the wayside a little. I’m hoping that things might pick up soon (I’m moving to a new flat) but I think we’re just going to have to wait and see on this one! x
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