So, Where Do I Think This Blog Is Going?

So, Where Do I Think This Blog Is Going?
So, Where Do I Think This Blog Is Going?

Blog, we need to talk. I just don’t know where this is going…

I think all my posts lately have been about blogging, haven’t they? Maybe I’ve found a little niche that I feel comfortable in. It doesn’t rely on me doing interesting and exciting things. It relies purely on my basically just having a twitter feed and a backlog of photos of me against different walls (this photo was taken almost a month ago now…).

But is this what I want to be doing? Do I want my blog to be only really relevant to other bloggers? Well, not really. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging about blogging as much as the next blogger, but I also want to build an audience outside the blogosphere. I want people to come here for things other than tips on finding inspiration to blog.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy blogging about, what I want to take into the future of n&b, and what my limitations are. For a start, I’ll be without my main man/photographer for a little while this summer while he finds himself in Central America. I’ll either need to find someone else (I have NO money for that) or really work on getting my product shots up to scratch in that time. I’m on my last legs for photos shot last time Ollie came up to visit, so I’m going to have to think of something new.

I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy writing about, and what you enjoy reading the most – not just on my blog, but all over the internet. People love reviews, and they love travel diaries, and they love controversy, amongst a whole host of other things.

But I don’t especially enjoy writing beauty stuff, so product reviews are pretty thin on the ground, and other than a big stint away this summer, exciting travel is a big ol’ no. I’m also terrified of confrontation so I might chill out on the opinion pieces.

Something I’ve come to realise, however, is that to a lot of people, my life is travel. Most people don’t live in Durham, or the North East, and most people aren’t me. In fact I’d be willing to put money on my being the only me. Someone give me some odds and I’ll place a bet.

I’m going to start sharing my life a little more – again. More little café reviews and chatty posts, and fewer rants about blogging and essays and general boredom. Not that those aren’t great posts, of course. It’s more about striking a balance. There’s no point churning out content for content’s sake.

These café reviews and diary style posts may not be quick off the blocks as I have a few bits on in the next two weeks, before I leave for Mexico. But I’m hoping for one or two scheduled before the end of July.

I want to make n&b more editorial but in a friendly way. More features and travel style posts and generally some more informative stuff.

I’m really excited to get back into everything properly and show a new side of n&b to my newer followers. Buckle up! x

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