Snapshots: 21st Birthday Weekend (I)

Photos from my 21st birthday! Photos from my 21st birthday! Photos from my 21st birthday!My 21st Birthday in Paris!Photos from my 21st birthday!Photos from my 21st birthday! Photos from my 21st birthday!So, I am now the ripe old age of 21 and can legally drink in the US what I’ve been drinking in the UK for years. Not that it matters. I live in France.

In true blogger fashion, I thought I’d share a few snapshots from the actual day! If I’m honest, we didn’t have the most exciting day – we wandered leisurely around Paris and stopped at a few little places on the way and generally just enjoyed the fact that the rain was light enough not to ruin anything, but heavy enough to make Paris look absolutely gorgeous. Perfect Paris weather, if you ask me.

Fresh croissants and strawberries in the morning, a delivery from the florist from my parents, and some gorgeous little bits from Ollie and his mum. Awkwardly they both bought me identical necklaces so that was hilarious. If anyone wants a gold karma ring necklace, hit me up!

Ollie has also made me a little photo book with all of our Bali photos in. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t cry just a little when I opened it up. I’m such a loser.

After a boulangerie picnic at the Eiffel Tower we set to walking back home along the river, dipping in and out of shops and galleries on the way. These photos were taken in the Orangerie, where Monet’s waterlilies are on display in massive, blogger-white rooms. As a history of art nerd I was happy as a very happy clam.

Pitch Perfect 2, a massive mug of tea, traditional French dinner and a call from my parents and I went to sleep having had a pretty damn good birthday if you ask me. Pretty damn good.

Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday’s instalments!


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