Skincare Favourites

Skincare Favourites

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]arrakech (are you bored of hearing that word now?) really dried my skin out. Like, I’m not sure how or why, but Ollie and I have both been complaining about dry skin since. Maybe it was the sun, but then it wasn’t that sunny? Or maybe it was the slightly cold wind? Who knows.

Anyway, my skin has been dry, and all the stress of uni and diss and whatever has given me a few too many little blemishes. Annoying red bumps that no amount of concealer can really mask when the light hits them, like shining mountains in the sunlight as I turn my head.

The horror movie that is my stressed skin aside, let’s talk about some bits and bobs that have been helping me and my dry skin out in this spring weather.


I mentioned Clinique’s Hydrorush in my Paris beauty haul post and how much I loved it. It’s the bee’s knees. SPF20 to keep me burn free all day (I burn under a dim eco lightbulb tbh) and look after my skin, and smooth enough to use as a perfect pre-makeup primer. My daily routine starts with this every single day: wake up, blink a few times, throw it on my face, get on with the day. Without fail.


This is a great one for the bath. You have to steam ope your pores before applying it, just to get that charcoaly goodness up in there, and where’s better than a nice hot bath? I jump in, let my face soak up the steam, and then smother my face in a thin layer. Once it hardens, rinse it off. Easy peasy. Great for giving your skin that squeaky clean feeling, and keeping you pampered and happy.

Skincare Favourites


Another Origins mask, this time for making you beautiful while you sleep. I know it’s a mask, but I think of this more as a super intense moisturiser that you put on once or twice a week before bed. Probably not best on super oily skin, this gem is a life saver when it comes to dryness. Paired together (think hot bath and early bed) the two Origins masks are an absolute dream team. Dream. Team.

What are your skincare saviours at the moment?


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