Skills I Want To Learn.

Skills I Want To Learn.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] tend to be quite good at picking up new things, unless I’m really bad at them.

Y’know? I’m one of those people who can do a lot of things on the first try, which means that when I can’t do something like a pro from the off, I tend to give up completely. I like to win. I like to own the show.

Because of this, I tend to put off learning new things and taking on new challenges.

Not all the time, granted. I moved to France and learnt French on the job and whatever. I guess that was a pretty big ‘new thing’. Then again, no one was going to laugh at me if I struggled. It was one of those things that I really jumped head first into without thinking about it.

But what if I had no worries? What if I was going to be good from the very start? What new skills would I like to pick up?

  1. I’d learn Italian. I’m not a language person, as is obvious, but for about a year I took extra curricular Italian at uni. I literally gave up two hours of my evening, once a week, to do something that I didn’t need to do. Once I’ve got my head around French, I’d love to learn a new language. You have no idea how intense the rush is when you feel at home in a foreign country and have conversations like they’re second nature.
  2. Photography. I tend to not try too hard with my photos. I fiddle about with the camera a bit, snap a few photos and then throw them at an editor like cool this’ll do. I’d love to actually take a course or something on how to really make the most of my camera and blog photos. I struggle to get through massive technical books because they bore me, but I guess I have to learn somehow.
  3. An actual sport. I’m not sporty, at all. I’m like the least sporty person. I used to be good at netball but that’s it and then it stopped. I am not a sporty gal. That said, I used to run for miles and miles in my first year at uni so maybe I’m not that bad. We used to have to play lacrosse at school and I was just so damn average and everyone was so good and it was like oh nah m8. Maybe when I head back to uni in October I can pick up something new. Football, anyone?
  4. Relaxing. I’m rubbish at switching off. I’m rubbish at just doing one thing at once. Most of the time I don’t really care about it. Like, if it works for me and I still get stuff done then what’s the big deal? Sometimes, however, I need to just stop. I mean, I can’t even watch a film all the way through without doing other things. I can’t remember the last time I just watched TV or read or whatever. Great. I need to learn to switch off, once in a while.

Are there any skills that you’d like to learn?
Do you have any tips for me?


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  • Rachel Carpenter says:

    I have soooo many skills I’d love to acquire, but the two foremost are German and Cello. I took two years of German in high school but forget everything now, so I’d like to relearn it all, and I would LOVE to learn to play the cello. That magnificent instrument gives me butterflies every time I hear it!

    As for relaxing.. I know how that goes. It’s really difficult to just “be” when there are a million things you not only have to do but are eager to do. If you figure it out- let me know.

    I generally end spending my “relaxing” time stressing over my to do list. Le sigh.


    • Imii Mace says:

      Your relaxing sounds just like my relaxing tbh! My sister plays the cello and it is a really awesome instrument, and I can’t recommend learning a language enough!

  • Becky Bedbug says:

    I always assumed you spoke a bit of French before you moved so it’s reassuring that you didn’t since y’know, moving to Austria and that. I speak a *bit* of German- enough to understand what’s written down/ a bit of what people are saying to me but not enough to hold a conversation. I’ve got a couple of years to hardcore learn it before I go but I was worried that wouldn’t be enough so you’ve set my mind at rest!

    • Imii Mace says:

      Woooo Austria! Haha yeah I had a very old, very dusty GCSE but to be honest I was pretty much starting from scratch. I’m so excited for you and Austria already! And you have wayyy enough time to pick it up. You’ll smash it! <3

  • MAY CHO says:

    Yes to everything written here, Imii! If there’s a skill I really, really, really want to learn, it’d be cooking. I CANNOT cook to save my life. Filmography comes close behind!

    Relaxing is something I don’t do very much, too. I blame that on the university lifestyle and caregivers with high-expectations, lol. Definitely something I’ve got to learn eventually, too.

  • Miu says:

    I just committed myself to really study Mandinka and HTML/CSS. But let’s see how it goes when I have other obligations again 😉

  • Sarah says:

    Mine are all pretty much the same as yours! There isn’t enough time to learn all the languages I want to though – I studied German at uni and am learning Spanish now but I’d love to know Russian too. I’d really like to try a sport too even though I’m awful at most things.

  • I did a one day photography course and it was totally worth it! Such a good day and now I feel much better with my camera!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Aimee Julia says:

    Oh my God, I was just saying the other day that I’d really like to learn Italian! I can speak French pretty well, although rusty after years of not practicing, a little German, and pretty good Spanish. But I’d love to add Italian to the list. Also, relaxing is something I am rubbish at too so I could do with learning that new skill! x x

  • I agree about learning a language. I picked up a bit of Dutch a long time ago and ever since the I’ve said to myself that I’d find the time to learn it again. I never do though!

    Annie | appletoothpaste

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