Should I REALLY Be Focusing All My Time On Instagram?

You may have noticed that I don’t blog much at the moment. I don’t really have anything that I want to say, and also can’t really remember how to do it. Maybe it’s a crisis of confidence? Why would you even want to know my skincare routine when, let’s face it, I’m no expert? See what I mean?

With my job revolving around instagram, it’s not surprise that instagram is where I feel most comfortable and confident. You can measure growth way better over there (or better than I can be bothered to do on here). I can share bits and pieces from my life without having to think of long paragraphs to say about them. I can take a simple snap, throw a filter on, smash out a two line caption, and then get back to living my life. I get to spend more time doing things and less time taking photos literally everything. Do you see what I mean?

But let’s not forget our roots. I started in blogging. I started this blog long before I started actually caring about instagram. I was writing stuff in my uni bedroom for three people to read and uploading any old rubbish to instagram alongside. Over here, though it is more work, is where my old creative outlet lies.

On a ‘business’ level, instagram is the place to be. It’s quick money, earned from just a photo or two. Obviously its more work than that – I’m being simplistic on purpose – but that’s the long and short of it. I make more money, more quickly, on instagram. I also tend to find sponsored blog posts incredibly difficult to write. I often feel a little uncomfortable about selling stuff that earlier didn’t affect me at all. It’s hard to explain, but it’s easier to write an authentic #ad on instagram than an authentic 600 word minimum on here. To be honest, none of this matters anyway because the money really is a nice side effect and not the whole shebang.

I just wanted to be upfront about the whole sponsored post thing while I’m having a brainstorm about blogging v. instagram.

I’ve neglected my blog and I think that’s a bad thing. Sure, fewer and fewer people are reading blogs nowadays, but that’s fine. Blogging is where I started, and I have way fewer tantrums about my blog than I do my instagram. And, just between you and me, my hosting is up for renewal in May and I *think* I may have a little bit of a rebrand. It may be time, finally, to say goodbye to ‘nettle and blackberry’ and hello to something that better represents who I am now.

That’s a little secret though. Keep it to yourself. x


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