Review // Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I first started eating a purely plant-based diet my skin went crazy. I mean seriously crazy. I’ve had great skin all my life, one or two spots here and there but nothing that I could legitimately call a breakout without seeming melodramatic.

So, naturally, I had no idea what to do. Do I carry on with what I do normally re: cleansing and pray it just went away? Do I give up and go back to eating dairy? WHAT DO I DO?!

spot3I started off by just covering myself in concealer and pretending it wasn’t there. This didn’t work. As we all know, covering the problem doesn’t fix the problem, and will probably make it worse. After two weeks with no improvement I decided to seek external help. Off I went to Superdrug (as usual).

It turns out there are a HUGE amount of dedicated spot treatments out there, from face washes to gels, to toners and ointments. Seriously, where do I start? I didn’t want a new face wash or toner, mine always worked fine in the past, I also didn’t want to buy anything tested on animals. Obviously Superdrug’s own brand is my go-to so that’s where I started. (I think I may have even picked this up half price!)

So here I am now, a good two weeks after that, spot free. I mean completely spot free. Maybe the odd little red mark or blotch but there are no spots on my face. So Superdug’s Tea Tree Spot Stick, for me at least, is a great little lifesaver.

spot2Have some info: the gel uses Tea Tree’s natural antibacterial properties to clean out blemishes and zap them into submission. When applied to the area it is cool and fresh, and very tingly. VERY tingly. This is the added peppermint oil cooling the spot. All these lovely natural things, all doing brilliant things to your face!

When I first dabbed a little on my problem areas I was actually quite shocked by the tingling. It was icy cold and actually felt pretty good! I have no idea if the tingle means its working, but lately I’ve lost some of the tingly magic – probably because my spots have cleared up and I just apply it to little red bumps now.

One thing I am going to say is that this doesn’t actually get rid of your problems over night, as I’m sure you’d have guessed. Having never used anything like this before I was a little upset in the morning when my spots where still on my face and I didn’t have the complexion of an eight year old. I’m an idiot. Obviously I pulled myself together and carried on, and I’m so glad I did. My spots did go quickly, and their size and redness greatly decreased with a few doses of this. None got bigger or worse after the first application. I’m impressed. What’s more, they haven’t come back!

I’m going to keep using this fabulous little green gel. It smells earthy and amazing, the tingle is so refreshing, and (probably the reason you’re reading this review) it works! I genuinely do believe it works. Its made of pure magic. (Just don’t try to put makeup on over the top – disaster.)

Do you use anything on your annoying little red face friends? Am I being totally naive? Let me know – I’d love to hear about your skin saviours (:


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