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I have recently begun a little collection of MUA cosmetics. Having never really thought of them as a go-to brand (I think the rotating sunglasses-rack style display in my nearest store put me off a little) my eyes have suddenly been opened. Literally.

I ran out of mascara this morning – something I’ve never truly experienced before as I’m not great at finishing things. Luckily I live at home with my mum and sister so mascara wasn’t hard to come by, but it did leave me in a little bit of a pickle. So off we went to the market for some fruit, and to Superdrug for some makeup. After searching the store for a while, I finally settled on MUA as I know they don’t test on animals and have been happy with their products lately. This mascara is no exception. (I also managed to very sneakily get it for free as I convinced my mum to treat herself to two nail polishes and Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer, not that £3 would have broken the bank.)


Packaging wise, the tube is a stunning shade of purple. Proper teenage girl packaging (not necessarily a bad thing). Obviously they know their audience, especially in its super close resemblance to Max Factor’s tubes. Still, I really like it and I’m the one writing the review, so what are you gonna do about it?

So the brush shown on the label (annoyingly there weren’t any ‘testers’ in store to see it for real) is plastic, spiky and straight with this fabulous little bobble on the end – perfect for getting right in the corner of your eye and for bottom lashes! I’ve never used anything like this so it did take a few little practices to get used to but honestly, now I’m hooked. I normally opt for a curved brush for the curl!

The label boasts volume and lengthening and it really isn’t wrong. I have very small, very pathetic eyelashes. Really really pathetic and rubbish. I’m used to piling on mascara – sometimes up to ten coats if it’s a meh mascara – so it was lovely to only really need to apply two (three at most).

But do I have any criticisms? Well, kinda. Like most things, it does only come in black. As someone who can’t even find a red lip that suits her, I really struggle with finding things that match my blonde hair and red face. I normally only ever go for brown eye makeup, but I wasn’t going to argue for £3.
Another small problem, something that will just become habit, is that you do have to give the brush an extra wipe on the side when you pull it out, just because the mascara is just a little wet. Nothing I can’t handle – but if you’re not used to it it may surprise you.

Despite those two minor problems, I really am pleasantly surprised by MUA’s Lash Boom Mascara. I wasn’t expecting much at £3 and I should feel ashamed of myself for that. It coats my lashes giving them both excellent volume and making them pop so I’m super happy about that. They also don’t feel clumpy which is a bonus! I actually believe that it really is quite a brilliant little mascara!

Once again, MUA, you have out done yourself.
(Good job on the no animal thing, too)


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