My Lipstick Soulmate: Rimmel Kate Lipstick Shade 8

I’ve spent the last few months searching for one particular shade of pink.

Seriously, I’ve walked up and down cosmetic aisles and swatched almost every lipstick in the shops searching for it. This particular pink seemed so easy in my head, so natural. It pained me that no one seemed to stock one even close! But now, finally, I think I’ve found it. 


Rimmel Kate Lipstick Shade 8

I’m ashamed to admit that Rimmel are not a brand I normally go to when looking for makeup. I can’t really explain why but there we are. So, having said I’d tried almost every lipstick in both Boots and Superdrug, I actually lied. I hadn’t even looked at Rimmel.

So there I am, in Boots, feeling utterly disappointed once again, when suddenly a 3 for 2 sign catches my eye. (Obviously, because who doesn’t live a 3 for 2 offer?!) Naturally I head straight to the lipsticks and begin trying all the testers until the back of my hand looks like I’ve developed some awful rash.

That’s when it happens. Love at first sight. Kate Moss you beauty, you have created my perfect nude with your truly sensational Shade 8.

lipstick3I race to the till, grabbing a BB cream and nail polish, because y’know, 3 for 2. Just over £12 later I’m the owner of what everyone spends their life searching for: a soulmate.

So, enough of all the lovey-dovey nonsense. What is this lipstick actually like?

Well, it glides straight on like a dream, and has a really nice almost-matte texture – y’know, its a gorgeous matte but doesn’t make your lips look powdery and dry. The pigment is also fabulously rich with just one coat providing ample coverage and a gorgeous deep colour.

Shade 8 is also incredible well wearing. I’ve owned this baby less than a week but have worn it every single day and have only needed to top it up once or twice. It really is very very good. The only thing I would watch out for is stains on glasses and mugs, etc, as with all lipsticks. (I only tell you to watch out for them because the stain left is so fabulous and rich in colour that even a glass looks sexy in it!)


As with all relationships, however, there is one tiny niggly thing that bothers me about this lipstick and it really is such a subjective thing that it shouldn’t put you off at all. I’m really undecided at the Rimmel lipstick scent. I can’t decide whether it smells like Haribo Strawbs or strawberry laces or what but I just can’t bring myself to fully like it. Its lucky its such a fabulous damn colour because it could very easily be a deal breaker for me. Now you might be reading this like, ‘Imii, what’s wrong with you?! It smells of sweets!!’ I’m so sorry, I’m just not a fan of chewy gummy sweets. Please don’t hate me!

Having said that, the scent is bearable. As I say, I’ve worn it all week and really haven’t noticed it apart from when putting the lipstick on or topping it up. To be really honest it could smell like anything and I’d still use it and love it. Is that crazy? Then just call me Beyonce because that would make me Crazy in Love.

I never thought I’d see the day that I found my perfect nude. Never. Yet, here it is. I couldn’t be happier.

Have you found your lipstick soulmate?


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