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GOSH #Foundation Drops GOSH #Foundation Drops A beauty review for you today – bit of a rareity nowadays on n&b but anyway… Let’s take a look at the GOSH #Foundation Drops!

Okay so let’s start with why I picked this up in the first place. I’ve had my eye on the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation for an absolute age, but can’t really justify splashing out when I have two almost full bottles of Rimmel and B. Cosmetics sitting on my shelf at home. Weirdly I’d got it into my head that the Too Faced was a pipette foundation (probably from mixing product reviews in my head/took a look at the KIKO version the same day) so when I saw this in Superdrug I instantly put a little birthday request in. My wonderful little sister hastily obliged.

I went for 004 ‘Natural’ as my colour match and it matches absolutely perfectly (although I’m not sure about the name natural….)

But anyway, lets start with packaging. Sleek black packaging is always a win (just ask MAC) and the chunky white writing is absolutely gorgeous too. I’m honestly a massive fan of GOSH packaging in general so this is obviously ranking high on my list too. As for the hashtag – so 2011.

As I say, the colour I chose really does match perfectly and blend absolutely seamlessly. Because its a really liquid formula it soaks into the skin hella fast and feels more like a really light powder on your face. Seriously, your face feels silky smooth and there’s no sign of any claggy, thick, wet bits. I don’t have especially dry skin so can’t say what it would be like with dry patches, but on my combination it works like a dream.

GOSH #Foundation Drops GOSH #Foundation Drops Coverage wise, its up to you. For university I tend to buff a little onto my red patches with a buffing brush (I’ve found this works a little better than fingers and a lot better than a flat foundation brush) and then I’m good to go. For fuller coverage it takes a second coat, but not in the way that one might paint a second coat on. Literally just put another drop over the area you’d like to cover. I think to cover my whole face really well it takes about 5 or six tiny drops. I also don’t wear as much concealer now so that’s pretty sweet too!

So are there any cons to this bottle of fake-face? Not that I’ve found. As someone that does tend to go for a more natural makeup look, the medium coverage offered is absolutely perfect and, as I say, easily buildable. It works well with other powders, bronzers and highlighters too so that’s pretty sweet! I guess the only thing to remember is to give the bottle a good shake before you use it but that’s hardly a con, is it? Also the SPF 10 is pretty sweet too – doesn’t really help with anything much but also its good to have it there!

GOSH #Foundation Drops

As I’ve slowly started steering my blog away from beauty, it’s rare that I come across a product so great that I immediately reach for my camera and some classic props. That must mean there’s something pretty special about this foundation.

Who knows, now that I have easy access to a host of Sephoras there might be a few more posts about some fantastic beauty finds!



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