REN ‘& Now To Sleep’ Pillow Spray

REN '& Now To Sleep' Pillow Spray REN '& Now To Sleep' Pillow Spray

REN '& Now To Sleep' Pillow Spray

Sleep sprays are very much in vogue at the moment. I even talked about one a little while ago. Well, here I am again, talking about the latest sleep spray to hit the market. This time from my baes over at REN.

Their new ‘& Now To Sleep‘ spray* is a dream come true for people like me, who take forever to fall asleep due to a racing mind and inability to relax.

I tend to go through phases when it comes to things like pillow sprays. I’ll use them religiously for a month and then forget all about them for two. So far so good with this fella, at the moment. Fingers crossed I’ll stick to using it for a little while longer now!

REN’s pillow spray feels different to the sickly lavender scents that we’re all used to. Sure the lavender is still very much there, but REN have thrown in some other cool things like frankincense *oooo* to make it feel that little bit more luxurious. It makes a difference, and breaks up the routine of similar scents of an evening.

It’s all very well getting to sleep surrounded by lavender but you’re going to get used to it at some point aren’t you…

All I can say at the moment is so far so good. I’ve been really tired lately, and incredibly stressed, and anything that can help knock me out at the end of the day is a blessing to me. Whether a placebo or a genuine miracle, the nights I remember to utilise this little lavender bomb are the best nights sleep I’ve had for a while.

That and the fact that the packaging is super duper cute. Look at those sleepy little eyelashes all tucked up and ready for bed. Lovely.

All in all REN’s ‘& Now To Sleep’ pillow spray is a lovely little addition to my bedside table. Perfect for those nights when just head hitting the pillow isn’t enough to relax me. I can’t wait to spend some cosy early nights throughout the winter. x

REN '& Now To Sleep' Pillow Spray

REN '& Now To Sleep' Pillow Spray
REN '& Now To Sleep' Pillow Spray

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  • Zara McIntosh says:

    I was oooing and ahhing all the way through this post, it truly does sound wonderful. I found little difference in my sleep when I used fresh lavender so I’ll need to go and check the REN one out. Lovely photos too,
    Zara xx /

  • Maria ???? says:

    I will be trying this out for sure as even if it is the placebo effect, it is always nice to go to sleep surrounded by gorgeous scents! And the packaging is theee cutest for sure xox

    maria |

  • Caitylis says:

    I really need to give this a try out! I have tried lots of brands and makes of pillow sprays and have never *really* found one that worked well. About 6 years ago The Body Shop used to sell an AMAZING one, it had me out like a light. But they discontinued it… sad times. Where can I go have a look at this product? Or is it online purchase only?
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  • Aimee Julia says:

    Ooh, I might have to pick this one up and give it a try. I usually use Avon’s Lavender and Chamomile Pillow Spray (which is amazing) but it would be nice to have a change. x x

  • Caroline Malone says:

    I’ve just been trying out the Lush Sleepy product and I’m still not quite sure how I feel about all the ‘sleeping’ products because I don’t really know how much they help me sleep (mainly because I do sleep quite a bit) – but what I love about the sound of this one, is that, like you said it’s not overly lavender, and even though I do love lavender, sometimes it can be a little bit too overpowering so this sounds like something I really want to try! xx

  • Lucy says:

    I always love ren products and they’ve always worked really well for me – this sounds lovely and I do love a good pillow spray!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Emma Hart says:

    I’m thinking of asking for a pillow spray for Christmas but I’ve been wondering if it’s all just a placebo type thing? I’ll probably try one out any as sleep is something I can’t seem to get enough of at the moment. And this one looks super cute!

    Emma |

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