My Realistic Morning Routine

My Realistic Morning Routine

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]obody has a good morning routine. None of those shiny film morning routines like waking up and putting the final berry on your granola yoghurt thing slowly and opening your walk in wardrobe like oh my what shall I wear on this glorious day?! All lies. The whole thing.

My routine is a disaster. It’s fine because I know it’s a disaster so actually it’s pretty organised, but none the less, it’s a mess.

I’ve chosen an average Wednesday morning routine to share with you. I have a lecture at 9 down at Durham Cathedral and Tuesday nights are pretty nothingy.

7:45 Watch alarm goes off and vibrates eight times and I lie there counting them to eight before they stop. 75% of the time I completely ignore them.

8:00 Phone alarm goes off and I stop it and groan a little bit and then check all social media, probably twice.

8:10 Realise I’ve been lying in bed for ten minutes and panic. Get up and panic shower for all of a minute before deciding that I probably don’t actually have time and it’s going to have to do. Look at the state of my hair. Dry shampoo or a top-knot? Both. Brush teeth.

8:20 Throw some foundation/concealer on my face and do my eyebrows. Decide on whether to bother with eyeliner based on whether or not I have time. I don’t have time.

8:25 Shit, what do I wear? Jeans are on the floor, grab them. Pants and socks, grab them. Throw on a sports bra because who can be bothered with clasps. Look at the pile of half worn jumpers on the floor. Can I get away with wearing the tie dye one again? Yes. Yes I can.

8:30 Grab the bag that I packed the night before because I clearly have my shit together. Go me. Run out the door, grabbing an empty water bottle on the way. Pace over to main college for breakfast. Grab a sausage and a slice of bread, eat my hotdog creation like my life depends on it. Don’t make eye contact with anyone or they’ll come and sit with me and I don’t have time to chat/if I start chatting I’ll probs miss my lecture.

8:40 Time to go, or is it? I can wait another 5 mins, can’t I? Like, it’s only a 15ish minute walk, and then there’re those 5 mins we’re supposed to have at the start? And will my lecturer get there on time? Who knows.

8:45 Shit I should actually leave now. I’m 100% going to be late.

8:45-9:00 Walk fast but probably not fast enough, regret picking a heavy coat because I’m sweating out of my eyes. Get to my lecture bang on time BUT remember the empty water bottle and run to fill it up.

9:02 Turn up at my lecture like a hero. Spend the next hour and a half looking forward to going home and getting ready for the day properly. Regret waking up too late to make and drink a cup of tea. Remind myself to buy a travel mug. Always forget as soon as I pass a shop.

In my second year of university I 100% had all my shit together. Travel mug, gym kit for after my lecture, full makeup and a general air of awesomeness. For some reason, this year has been a disaster start to finish as far as mornings go. Yay. Shout out to a realistic morning routine.


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