Realising My Skin Aspirations In Chelsea

Realising My Skin Aspirations In Chelsea

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hrough a tiny grey door, ten minutes walk from South Kensington tube station, can be found quite the skincare treat. The kind of skincare treat that makes you want to pose for a few no-makeup photos. Legit. All I have on up there is a little mascara and eyebrow gel. You can tell I’m not lying because of the bags under my eyes. I’m a sleepy sleepy gal, by the looks of things.

Anyway, that skincare treat is brought to you by Skin Aspirations, founded by the absolutely lovely Simona. Skin Aspirations specialise in making sure the health of your skin is absolutely top notch, using either one off treatments or creating you a wonderful skin programme.

I was lucky enough to be invited for a signature DMK Enzyme Therapy facial and I was not disappointed in the slightest.

Upon entering the studio, Simona greeted me with a warm smile and professional attitude that I absolutely loved. I felt welcomed and pampered from the first second. I filled out a few forms about my skincare concerns, the products I regularly used to cleanse and moisturise, etc., and what I hoped to get out of my treatment. After a great discussion with Simona about my concerns, I changed into my wrap around robe and lay on the superbly comfortable treatment table.

It’s obvious that Simona is passionate about skincare and about her clients. She examined my skin thoroughly and talked me through absolutely everything as she went. She told me about my blocked pores, mainly forehead nose and chin, as well as the sun damage on my nose and cheeks (freckles). The treatment was then formulated to suit me perfectly.

Realising My Skin Aspirations In Chelsea


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Realising My Skin Aspirations In Chelsea

And so the treatment began. First with a double cleanse, with a beautiful soft brush, followed by an exfoliant. The exfoliant was helped along by a hot towel placed gently around my face and it was honestly one of the most relaxing things ever.

Next was a sebum soak, to soften the pores and unclog them. This was again helped along by a hot towel, and then wiped away. I then began to be grateful that I was not Simona at this point, as she began the ‘extraction’ process – basically just squeezing my pores out. I do not envy having to do that to someone else’s face. I’m sorry, Simona, for the disgusting contents of my face.

The main event of the facial was the DMK Enzyme Masque, the signature DMK product which enhances your skins capacity to function fully. It increases blood and lymph flow to the skin. Simona had warned me that it was going to be tight on my skin, but nothing prepared me for quite how tight. The masque is left on for 45 minutes – during which I had a sneaky little nap – and it feels like your head and neck is shrinking down to half he size. It’s bizarre, but not unpleasant. Once completely dry, the masque is rock solid. I had a sneaky feel just before it was due to be removed and it was honestly solid. I felt like the Man in the Iron Mask #niche.

Removing the masque, however, was a super pleasant and gentle experience. From what I could tell, it just softened off with cleanser and came right off. I’m sure Simona made it feel a lot easier than it actually is.

Finally, Simona doused me in pore reduction drops, a beta gel to reduce redness, a Vitamin C serum, a moisturising mist and an SPF15 sunscreen. I was pampered beyond belief, and each layer was beautifully and professionally applied, and talked through to me one by one.

Touching my face immediately after, I felt like a new woman. #newskinwhodis. My skin was softer than I’ve ever felt it before, and the softness continued for at least five days after the treatment (before I ruined it all again by applying all my nasty makeup and the London grime).

I’m so so happy with the treatment I received at Skin Aspirations, and I want to say a massive thank you to Simona for inviting me down and for being so lovely. I had the best time and have been telling absolutely everyone about how wonderful it was. I can’t wait to book myself in again in the future!

Realising My Skin Aspirations In Chelsea


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