Rain At The Tour Eiffel.

Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow cute are my two baes up there? Like oh my goodness me. I can’t even tell you how much I’m going to miss them when I leave. Way too much love for them. Way too much. I mean, for a start, the saved me from having no friends and having an absolutely awful time in Paris and at school so grateful to them forever for that. Ah man. I promise I’m not crying…

Anyway, shall we talk about what we’re actually here for? The Tour Eiffel. The good old Eiffel Tower. The great big metal tower in Paris that I have somehow managed to avoid all year. You’ve probably heard of it.

On Monday morning I woke up super early (though not as early as them… shout out to me for living right in the centre of Paris) and arrived at the tower at about 9.17am. Good times. Security was quick, the weather was more or less holding, the Champ de Mars was covered in football stuff for the French fans and it was an absolute nightmare to navigate.

We actually took the stairs up the tower because I have a weird fear (kind-of-fear, really) of being in a glass lift and going quickly, and because we’re all young and healthy-ish and the queue was just shorter. Whatever. The stairs aren’t too bad. Who needs the gym, right?

Now, I firmly believe that there are actually better views of Paris, in Paris. We all know my love for the view from the Pantheon – and in the next few weeks there should be a few photo posts from a few other spots around the Paz. Still, from each level up (three in total) the view, and weather, just got better and better. From the very very top (I had to hold Benji’s arm and hide my head in a scarf in the glass lift) the view is absolutely breathtaking. Also, congrats to the guy and gal that got engaged up there. I know I said it then but congrats again!

Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel.

I used to be, and maybe still am kinda, a bit of an Eiffel Tower skeptic. I mean, it really is just a big metal tower. Sure it’s reaaaaly big and kinda beautiful in a cool industrial way, and is just the epitome of Paris, but yeah. I tend to be one of those arseholes that roll their eyes whenever anyone asks me about it. Not sorry, to be honest.

Something about this morning in the air, however, made me so incredibly happy. Maybe it was because I was up the Eiffel Tower, maybe it was the endorphins for being a little bit scared and from all those steps, maybe it was because people kept asking for photos with Benji for absolutely no reason at all – like seriously, what’s up with that? Also, while we’re asking questions, what is with all this rain? It was June 20th! Sort it out, weather!

I’m going to miss Paris. I’m going to miss everything about it. Sure I’ll be happy to be home, and to see the friends I left behind, but I’ve grown to view Paris as my home more than anywhere else lately, and I just know that on Monday, in the car, driving out of Paris, I’ll be in floods of tears. Maybe, then, it was kinda fitting that it spat rain at us all morning, and the air was crisp and grey.

They all joke that as soon as I leave Paris I’ll take the British weather back with me and it’ll be beautiful and sunny – I’ve checked the forecast and it’s actually going to be bright and sunny on Tuesday. Great.

Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel. Rain At The Tour Eiffel.

Have you done the Eiffel Tower in the rain?
How sad are you that I have to leave in a few days?

Don’t forget to vote in today’s EU Referendum, if you’re eligible. I’ll be voting Remain, as I simply cannot imagine my life without the input of the EU. I have so much to thank it for now, including many of the amazing travel and living opportunities that I have been given this year, and in the future, should the country choose to Remain. Read Becky’s post here.

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