Procrastination 101

filler1Step your procrastination game up a gear with these handy tips!

So exam season is coming up and the blogging world is slowly filling with ‘How to Revise’ posts – that isn’t my style. I’m not a great reviser.

Don’t let it be said that I don’t get the job done when needed, and I’ve always managed to do well despite my awful commitment to revision, but it really isn’t my thing at all.
I much prefer learning new things than remembering old things – but don’t we all?

(N.B. See this fabulous ‘Tips & Tricks: Revision‘ post by the wonderful Sophie if you’re more focused than I am!)

5 Ways to Better Waste Your Time


Lets start with the king of all procrastination techniques: Netflix.

Your sitting at your desk, your laptop is open, why not just open a new tab? Maybe type ‘n’ into the url bar and oh now wait what?! Netflix fills automatically?!
And suddenly you’re watching re-watching season 6 of Friends and hours of your life have passed you by.
But hey! That’s okay! You deserve it!

(And don’t try to edge around it by having two windows open at once – Netflix and work. Terrible procrastination technique! If you’re going to focus on not focusing, at least do it properly)

Pro tip: Find a friend with netflix and steal their password – why pay to waste time when someone else can! (Make sure you have permission)

Organise, re-organised, re-re-organise!

I always get picked on by Ollie about this particular procrastination technique. I LOVE to be organised – so much so that I actually get quite stressed and unsettled if I’m not 100% in control of what’s happening.
This technique requires everything I love about the world: stationary, colour and filing systems.

Why not make another revision plan? Decorate your revision notebooks! The possibilities are endless!

Want something more active? Try on all your clothes/shoes/makeup!

This is probably my favourite. Not only do you feel like you’ve achieved something at the end, but you have rediscovered some absolutely brilliant pieces you’d long forgotten.
Hey, you could even calm your guilt from not working by donating the clothes you decide to discard to charity!

Not only does this fool-proof procrastination method provide hours of entertainment, you also end up looking fabulous!
(Add some selfies into the mix and that’s your whole day accounted for!)

I bet you’re feeling hungry… Snack time!

Now, I don’t want anyone suggesting that boredom eating is good for you.
But what’s life without a little enjoyment, right?!

Go and make yourself a sandwich! Spend an hour making an amazing breakfast! Don’t have the ingredients? Go to the shops!
BAM! Time flies.

Take a look at my vegan pancake recipe for inspiration: Vegan Pancake Recipe

My current fave: Start blogging!

I can only recommend this to you if you intend to spend every moment thinking about blogging, and nothing else.
Blogging is quite possibly the best procrastination method that I’ve found.
You think you’ve finished one post and then BAM another idea pops into your head.

(May I remind you that I’m currently procrastinate blogging about procrastinate blogging…)

If I fail my university exams this year I’m entirely blaming WordPress!



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