You probably think that I’m exaggerating, don’t you. Like, come on Imogen. A primer cannot change your life and you need to get a grip! It’s makeup that you can’t even see?! Call me when you’ve found the meaning of life or something. Stop wasting my time with your primer rubbish.

To that I say, five years studying theology has led me to this. My holy grail. My answer to life, the universe and everything. My secret to perfect skin. PERFECT skin. Not too dry, not too wet, not a spot in sight. My miracle primer.

I have really dry skin. It’s a fact. I’ve denied it long enough but now, here I am, finally facing my demons. I have skin drier than a school playing field in July. Drier than plain toast. Really bloody dry. My forehead is especially awful. Makeup clings to it like clingfilm, and looks flaky and sad and gross. Right between my eyebrows is the absolutely worst of the worst. Like a patch of extra coarse sandpaper.

The other day I decided that enough was enough. I was fed up of being the driest girl in East London and there was only one place that I could think of (that was close enough to go to in my lunch hour) to fix this mess: SpaceNK. I know – boujie, I’m not sorry. I didn’t even intend on buying anything. I was just going to go in and ask for their advice on foundation for dry skin and then buy it online or something. You know, like literally everyone else does after a trip into SpaceNK.


Anyway, the next thing I know is a lovely lady telling me that I don’t need a better foundation at all. What I actually need is a really bloody good primer. ‘Okay sure’ I think as I internally roll my eyes. I own primers. They soak into my skin like absolutely everything else. Don’t come for me, lady. I know my face.

But she’s insistent that I try Cover FX’s Dewy Skin Primer.

I’m skeptical at first. The primer goes on really wet. I can only describe it as feeling like you’re rubbing a layer of runny vaseline all over your face. You’d be understood for thinking you had. It is not a primer for the faint hearted. It’s goopy and sticky and absolutely wild. Like liquid latex for under your foundation.

Obviously she was trying to get me to really believe in the product so she absolutely slathered my face in it, before throwing a fully matte foundation over the top (just to really EMPHASISE how dewy this thing is!!).

I was amazed.

After 10 mins it had sunk into my skin better and I was RADIANT.

And so, as if sales techniques actually work, I parted with £30 of my hard earned money. Not an amount that I would hand over lightly for something that goes on under your foundation, that no one notices. I can hand on my heart say that it is one of the best ways I have ever parted with £30.

I use the Cover FX Dewy Skin Primer every single day, and have absolutely shone every single day. No more dry skin, no more flakey foundation, no more crying in the mirror about the state of my face. I am a glowing goddess, no matter which foundation I wear. Hell, I can even use a proper liquid foundation that dries like watercolour paint and STILL be a beautiful dewy moonface.

Another exciting upside is that my skin has also been excellent lately. I don’t know if it’s the extra moisture, or a slight change in my skincare routine, or what, but something is working absolutely magic. Clear and happy, all day, every day.

Technical chat wise, the primer boasts three banging sets of ingedients:

  • Coconut Alkanes – Provide deep hydration and nourish the skin
  • Peptides – Smooths fine lines, combats signs of aging and improves skin clarity
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene – Increases moisture retention!!!

It’s also cruelty and fragrance free (the two best things for your beauty to be free of).

I wholeheartedly believe that this primer has changed the game forever for me. For £30 I’ve gained new found confidence in my skin, and a ‘fresh-off-the-Central-Line’ glow all the day long. Thank you to the lovely SpaceNK lady for helping me reach my absolute full face potential, and for Cover FX for making truly life changing primers (I know… it’s just a primer!!).

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