Post-Exam Mini Haul!

Post-Exam Mini HaulPost-Exam Mini Haul
With my last exam well and truly behind me, this afternoon I decided to treat myself a little and hit Superdrug for a little (£20 limit) haul.

Now if you’ve been following my little blog since the start – unlikely – then you’ll know that I have an undying love for Superdrug and everything to do with them. I’m in there almost every day stopping myself buying things between lectures, and today was no exception.

In Durham, the Costa is just down the street from Superdrug and as Ollie and I sat with our peach iced teas I decided to nip away, promising to only be 10 mins and that I ‘knew what I wanted’. I was lying.

However, I’m so excited by what I picked up that I thought I’d share with you all – and all for around £18 so I’m pretty happy!

1 | Having tried the MiniV Mini:Burn capsules a few weeks ago, these Meck Tone capsules are an absolute steal at £5 and pretty much offer the same health ‘benefits’ as the Mini:Burns! I’m a sucker for random things like this so I’ll let you all know how I get on!

| I also picked up the Sleek Brow Perfecter in Light Brown as I’m having a little bit of an issue with my brows at the moment. Sad face. When it comes to Durham, my MUA Brow Palette is perfect as the Geordie Brow doesn’t stand out and everyone’s happy. However, for occasions such as ‘lunch with the parents’ etc., my brows are just a bit much. Having given this a go I really love it – it bridges the gap perfectly between too much and not enough and is a perfect match for my eyebrows. At £4.99 I’m pretty damn happy.

3 | The product I’m most excited about is this B. Sculpted Contour Kit in Light! Seriously, I’m such a fan! I’m awful at the whole sculpted look and despite having a bronzer and Topshop’s glow, it just has never worked for me. I’ve used this product once and already I can see a difference. The kit has a pressed powder, a little darker than my skin tone, and a cream highlighter that goes on really lightly but has the perfect amount of glow! For added bonus points I picked it up for £7.49, it’s completely cruelty free, AND there’s a step-by-step guide on the back – daym gurl.

Tomorrow I leave for Yorkshire and then London for a few days so these have gone straight into my travel bag.



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