Photos From Venice 2014 (I)

DSC_0412Lately I’ve realised that my blog is far more about travel than it is lifestyle.

I mean, I guess to me it is lifestyle. I live in these places and have a lifestyle of sorts that revolves around them – but how many people read my blog for places to buy groceries in Paris, and how many read it for pretty pictures and places to visit?

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some pretty cool, beautiful places in my life. Vietnam, Bali, Kazakstan, France, Italy and many more beautiful countries and places, to name a few.

As a result of this I have a lot of gorgeous photos just sitting in my iPhoto doing nothing, not being looked at by anyone.

I thought I’d share them all with you as a new little feature!

First up is a series of photos from a family holiday in Venice last year.

Venice is an absolutely stunning town. I’d put it so so high on your bucket list if you haven’t already visited. We spent a few days here as part of a little tour of eastern Italy and I absolutely fell in love. The art, the culture, the brightly coloured buildings. You can never go wrong with a trip through Venice.

Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice VeniceVenice Venice


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