Those Pesky Post-Excitement Illnesses.

Those Pesky Post-Excitement Illnesses.
[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes life has a habit of catching up with us. After an elongated period of run, excitement or stress, things can come crashing back down to earth pretty quickly with a series of super fun illnesses. It’s really bloody annoying.

This last week, I’ve been ill. Following my last few weeks in Paris, and a particularly hectic week up in Durham for Ollie’s graduation, I landed back home on Sunday with a bit of a bump. By bump, I mean raging cold.

It’s pretty rubbish. My first week at home, getting over the fact that I no longer live in France, getting over the fact that I just watched 90% of my uni friends graduate, lying on the sofa or in bed feeling really darn sorry for myself.

Why is this always the way? The moment you start to relax, your body starts to relax and your immune system just goes, ‘oh thank god that’s over time to shut down for the holidays’. Thanks, immune system. Enjoy your little vacation while I go through a box of tissues at light speed and watch reruns of weird Channel 4 shows.

This mega-cold could not have come at a worse time. Post-Paris I’m just not feeling myself. It’s all sinking in and I seem to be spending far too much time looking at last-minute flights straight back. Add that to the absolute disaster that is Brexit (don’t even get me started, man) and the fact that I’m back on a ‘healthy eating’ thing that really should just be called a diet, and you’ve got yourself a fun few days.

I’ve been running on full power for a long time. A long long time. In fact, I can’t remember when I last had a day where I literally had nothing to do. I haven’t had one for a long long time. I’m drained. Exhausted. Purposeless. All these gross little illnesses flying about and killing me slowly. Yay.

Despite this, I’m excited for the summer ahead, except the whole ‘getting a summer job’ and ‘not being bored’ thing, and I’m excited to get back to uni and Durham in October. But, then again, am I? I’m going back to a university that will be different to when I left it. There’ll be different people in my lectures and seminars, and different lessons and places and things. Ollie won’t be there. The majority of my friends won’t be there. I’m worried that my head won’t entirely be there.

There’s nothing like being ill to make you look at the world from a different, more subdued, angle. Nevertheless, it’ll pick up. I’ll get better in a few days and everything will be right as rain. I can start working more on the old blog – hope you like my exciting new photos… – and can find myself some kind of way of earning money. Things will probably brighten up as the weeks go on. Illnesses or no illnesses, I’ll get it all sorted out and then we can all relax and get back to life.

Lots of fluids. Lots of positive thinking. Lots of Netflix.

Do you tend to get ill in the aftermath of something exciting?
Are you worried about anything in the next few months?



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  • woodenwindowsills says:

    That definitely happens every time you slow down or try and have a break! It kinda sucks, but at the same time, maybe it’s just our body’s way of having a break from fighting it all off continuously! Hopefully you’ll be better before you know it and can really enjoy having some time just to do whatever you want to! Alice xx

  • Martha Jane says:

    Yes, I always seem to get awfully ill after a period of high pressure or stress too! I can imagine you’re not feeling too pleased with anything at the moment, but things will get better! Try to keep your chin up, and I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon x

    Martha Jane |

  • Lucy says:

    I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and I felt like it was the end – I hope you feel better soon though, keep drinking allll the fluids haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Aw sending loads of love! I know what you mean, I tend to always get ill at Christmas as it’s the only time I get a few weeks off. I managed to avoid it last year so I’m hoping to do the same this time too!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Aimée Julia Cottle says:

    I definitely know what you mean. My cousins have a very fast-paced life and are always so on the go, in school from 7am till 8pm, even on the weekends, and with clubs and a social life and homework on top of that. When they get to the holidays they just flop, exhausted, and almost instantly become ill! It’s almost like your body doesn’t think you have the time for it until then. I hope you feel better soon, and things start to pick up for you 🙂 x x

  • dreamofadventures says:

    Hope you get well soon! Travel always get’s me down and sick or when I have a lot of stress at work or school. I’ve found that days when I begin to feel run down I just need to rest and not push myself. Also I love to make fruit smoothies every morning that keep me energized and give me by daily vitamin C =o)

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