A Perfect Summer Essie Pairing.

A Perfect Summer Essie Pairing.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ummer is finally here. I say finally, but in Paris it was summer in like May so you can all fight me later. Still, summer has finally hit the UK. We’ve had a whole week of complaining about the heat, suggesting to our friends and family that there may be a storm coming, and generally being miserable about the fact that we’re enjoying slapping on the factor 50.

I’ve been complaining about the fact that I am in no way ‘summer ready’. Not in an awful beach body kind of way, but in a ‘shit I only own black turtle-neck jumpers’ kind of way. I’m a sweaty mess.

So, I’ve been trying to summer myself up a little.

It’s been tough. I’m not going to lie to you. It has been a hard week. I had to do things like paint my nails a colour that wasn’t a nudey-pink, and I now own something that isn’t striped and that I actually genuinely like. You’ve probably seen me splash it all over instagram.

A while ago I told you about how I’ve really got into Essie nail polishes lately. In fact, I now will no longer look for nail colours from anyone else. I’ve been converted. I’m born again.

The two that I’ve been rocking lately, fingers and toes, are Tart Deco (left) and Peach Daiquiri (right).

My fave is probably Tart Deco. It’s a gorgeous bright coral-orange. Definitely far more on the orange side than the pink side, and it is fabulous. Orange has always suited me, and all of my go-to lipstick shades are orange-based (or actually bright orange). I’ve been wearing this on my finger nails for weeks and weeks. It does not budge. Not an inch.

On my toes, I’ve been rocking Peach Daiquiri. It’s a fabulously zesty pink, with orange tones rather than blue. Blue toned pinks wash me out a little so this bright polish is the best ever. It looks so pretty peeping out of my sandals, or just going about my bare-foot business at home. It lasts beautifully, and means that I very rarely have to top up my toes. Who can be bothered to remember to think about their toe nails? Not me.

What colours have you been wearing this summer?
Have you tried these polishes?


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