The Perfect After Sun Duo.

The Perfect After Sun Duo.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll of this sunshine has been catastrophic. Hasn’t it just been awful? All those muggy days and sweaty tube journeys and terrible thirsts? The worst. I would say ‘don’t even get me started on the sunburn’ but I’m actually going to get started about sunburn so you’d be wasting your breath.

I burn under a dim lamp. Not even a bright one. I burn in moonlight. I wear sun cream all year round, even in the dead of winter, and even that’s not good enough. When I was in Nice a few months ago I burnt my neck so badly, wearing factor 50, that I couldn’t move it for a good week after. Chaos.

That said, I probably wouldn’t have been in so much excruciating pain, post-burn, had I had the right stuff to plaster myself in. Not like I do now. Time to declare my summer time MVP: Dr Organic and their Aloe Vera Range.

I’ve been trying out two products for the fab folks over at Dr Organic. First up is the Aloe Vera Gel*. I’m starting with my fave. Seriously, at first I was a little dubious. I mean, it’s not a traditional moisturiser, it’s a gel. An actual gel. It’s quite literally the goo you find in the leaf (leaf? stem? tubey bit?) of an aloe vera plant, all smooshed into a bottle. I imagine it’s actually far more technical than that, but it’s essentially that. My god is it good. This massive (200ml) tube is packed with excellence.

Sun burn, irritated, itchy, generally feeling a bit off – this gel soothes it all. It goes on ice-cold and just melts into the skin like a dream, soaking in instantly. I actually use this to moisturise my whole body because I can’t be having with those greasy creams and this stuff is just so fuss free.I’m going to be using this until it runs out, for sure.

Next is the Aloe Vera Body Butter*. This is another soothing aloe vera cream, that is perfect for over heated, over tired skin. With Jojoba, Shea butter and Vitamin E, this is a perfect every day body butter. The scent is fresh, and not too over powering, and it soaks in quickly and efficiently. It’s quite simply a very good, non-greasy body butter. That said, it really is just that. It’s extra great on irritated skin because of the aloe, but it really is just a good body butter. Still, they’re hard enough to find so this gets the thumbs up from me.

What makes Dr Organic stand out is, well, that they’re organic. Organic skincare isn’t something I’ve ever really thought of before. Most skincare is just chemicals so the whole ‘organic’ thing just wouldn’t even pop into my head. They’re also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and do not test on animals. For an all natural, affordable skincare I’d definitely recommend Dr Organic to you.


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  • Yiotou_La says:

    The Dr Organic products are really great, I tried the Otto Rose scrub and mask and I loved them! My favourite after sun product is the Korres after sun with yoghurt, omg it is amazing to the skin and smells great! You should try it 🙂


  • Sarah Jane says:

    Will have to try these! I use an aftersun that’s like a goo as well and it works so well for actually cooling my temperature down! Loved the ‘I burn in moonlight’ bit, I totally feel your pain hahaha.
    Sarah |

  • dreamofadventures says:

    I went to the beach yesterday and got a little sun so this would have been perfect to put on last night! =o)

  • woodenwindowsills says:

    I’ve always used pure aloe vera gel on sunburn and it works such a treat – however, explain to me how they use pure aloe goo but then make it “double strength”? How does that work? Alice xxx

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