Peggy Sage Makeup.

Peggy Sage Makeup

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o sitting next to M&S at Cluny is a shop that I’ve walked past time and time again, always thinking ‘hmm I should probably go in there at some point.’ That shop is Peggy Sage.

Now I’ll be honest, I know nothing about the Peggy Sage and their website didn’t really help me out too much. From what I can gather, they’re a store and brand specialising in professional beauty, especially nail care, that also pride themselves in providing beauty training in several French towns. Weirdly, they started off as an American brand in 1925, but were bought by the French a few years ago. That’s pretty much all I can tell you. From what I can see you can’t actually buy anything from their website, either. Well, if you’re ever in Paris…

So I popped in after my last day of school because I thought I should treat myself. I’d officially finished an entire year of studying in Paris and I was officially badass. So badass that I bought some makeup that I didn’t need. Thug life. After walking around the store a few times, I finally settled on three items. I can’t even remember how much they were exactly (this review is the worst, I’m so sorry) but I remember them being about mid-range. The three items are: the Jumbo Eyeliner Pencil in Or, the Shimmering Illuminating Powder in Pêche, and the Lumière Shimmering Eyeshadow in Sienna Chic.

Peggy Sage Makeup

So my fave is the Jumbo Pencil. I’ve been after a decent gold eyeliner for ages. Gold is my no1 go-t0 when it comes to (non-cat flick) eye makeup, mainly because I’m rubbish at everything else. Gold is just easy and it suits me so what’s the harm in that. Anyway, this liner is the bee’s knees. It goes on strong and clean, is a bright yellow gold, and my goodness me it does not budge. At all. I took a swatch (unfortunately all the photos were rubbish, soz) and then tried to just rub it all away and nah. No movement at all. Not a smudge. I tried to add a bit of water and no way. I’m literally typing this up with a bright gold flash tattooed my arm because I can’t be arsed to get some actual makeup remover in there. I’m going to wear this pretty much every day this summer, and then into winter too – basically until it runs out.

The peach Illuminating Powder is pretty fly too. It’s your classic baked highlighter that goes on nice and smooth and gives your skin that ‘I’m totally a Kardashian’ glow. Lately I’ve been pretty tanned – perks of living in France at the moment – so I tend to just brush it over my cheekbones, all other makeup free, and rock the look all day. I’m basically living the beach-babe lifestyle 90% of the time, but in central Paris. Maybe I’m more of a river bank-babe? Let’s go with that. I’ve been after a powder highlight for a while, having only ever really used stick or pot highlighters, and I’ve hit the jackpot. And did I mention that it smells like peaches and cream? No? Well there’s that too.

Peggy Sage MakeupPeggy Sage Makeup

My final Peggy Sage goodie is the Shimmer Eyeshadow in this gorgeous bronzey-gold, otherwise known as Sienna Chic. Yep, another gold eye product. I’m done now, I swear. So this shadow is pretty shiny. It’s more of a glitter shadow that it is a colour with glitter. It needs to be packed on, rather than swept on, to give both colour and sparkle. That’s fine with me. It just means you can use it two different ways! Quick sweep over for a little bit of shimmer, layer that mofo on for a little more pizazz! I reckon it would also make a pretty decent goldy highlighter, so there’s that too!

Have you found any new makeup brands lately?
Have you heard of Peggy Sage before?


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    never heard of this brand at all but love the look of what you picked up! the highlighter looks super pretty!

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