Pancake Sisters Café, Paris

sisters3 sisters sisters4 sisters2 sisters5 Pancake Sisters Café, ParisIn true touristy style, the other day I googled ‘pancakes paris’ and Pancake Sisters were at the top of the list.

Obviously I immediately texted the lovely Helena and bam, a breakfast date was set. Easy as pie (or pancakes…)

So Pancake Sisters is situated in the 10th arrondissement, about a 5 minute walk from Republique. It’s a bright yellow shop down a tiny little street, hilariously opposite a flashing red shop providing ‘manucures’ and massages. Stay classy, Paris. Annoyingly (or beautifully) there’s a tree right outside so taking a photo of the shop front was almost impossible. Basically, think bright yellow in a sea of Parisian grey.

Everything on the menu is, you guessed it, made of pancake. For breakfast you can go for the classic muesli (like me!), an amazing chocolatey banana monster, or whatever the chef has going that day (see Helena’s). Pretty cool, right? Right.

Perhaps the coolest thing, however, is what they’ve lovingly called the ‘panster’ – a fricken sandwich with a pancake on each end replacing the bread. I mean seriously – best idea ever? Yes. Will I be back at lunch time to try one? Yes. Seriously, look at these combinations!

Oh, and all of their pancake batter is lactose free (and gluten-free on request)!

Pricing wise, Pancake Sisters actually isn’t that bad. For a specialising café in central Paris, breakfast for €7.50, lunch for €10 really isn’t that bad when you can see it being made fresh in front of you. I’ve been known to pay €10 for a salad that’s been sitting out for a few hours so I was actually quite impressed. Still, not the cheapest pancakes in the world, but definitely some of the most fairly priced in Paris. Around £5 for breakfast? Winning.

I’m a little bit lost for things to say, if I’m honest. My pancakes were delicious and filling (but not heavy and sweet like American flapjacks) and the lovely lady serving us and making the pancakes was delightful. I’m sure I’ll be back pretty damn soon!

A really lovely little quiet spot in Paris with good food, and great company.



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