Open Tour, Paris (I)

Open Tour, ParisOpen Tour, ParisOpen Tour, Paris I’ve probably mentioned that I’m a little bit meh about Paris still.

I love the city and the people but feel like I just haven’t really seen enough of it to call it home. So, when Emma came over for a little weekend visit, I took the opportunity to have a full tour of Paris mapped out for me with Open Tours, Paris.

I mean seriously, two full days spent hopping on and off a bus seeing some of the world’s most famous sights? Who would say no? (I probably might as I’ve never been one for organised tourism…)

For €37 each we got to see every single bit of tourist Paris from the comfort of a bus (+ pretty good audio guide) and I got to experience my new home entirely. When you take into account how many metro journeys and how far one would have to walk to see everything without the bus, the €37 euros we paid was pretty good! I mean, one metro journey is €1.40 and each trip would take about 15/20 mins and then you’d have to find the thing and walk and ugh. Seriously, if you only have a few days in Paris and want to see EVERYTHING I can’t recommend Open Tour enough!

They also run night tours and boat tours along side the standard open top bus which is pretty cool too and definitely worth a look at in the future.

So, in an exciting two part instalment, here are some of my super bright, super touristy photos from the weekend!

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