It’s Okay If Blogging Isn’t Your No1 Priority

It's Okay If Blogging Isn't Your No1 Priority

It's Okay If Blogging Isn't Your No1 Priority

As if I’m writing this in the corner of the Holborn Grind like some kind of bloggergal badass. I should really start focusing on my actual MA degree or something. Then again, that’s what this post is really going to be about, isn’t it? Sometimes you have to figure out which thing comes first. Right this second, on a Friday lunch time in Holborn, keeping an eye on my two (!!) Primark bags and drinking tea while writing blog posts is no1 on my list.

Lunch is going to overtake it at some point though.

This is the first time in over a month that blogging has been my priority – and actually, I’ve been here an hour already doing things that took greater priority than this so… I’ll let it have this one. It’s my priority now that I’ve finished the other things I had to do.

The curse of the blogging world, at the moment, is this constant need to be busy. I tweeted about it a couple of weeks ago, Rhi and Hannah have written great posts on it, it’s everywhere.

I’m going to home in on that trend and make it super specific to blogging and running your online hustle.

It's Okay If Blogging Isn't Your No1 Priority


We’re all busy busy people. We have things we have to do and, unless blogging is your full-time career, money we have to make elsewhere. To most, blogging is a hobby that makes them happy and earns them a little bit of pocket money and experience in the ~*digital marketing*~ world.

That’s where blogging stands with me, anyway.

And yes, in the future I’d quite like to hit the big time and make my money doing the thing I love, but for now I have an MA to do and money to make elsewhere and friends to see and events to plan and the world and his wife to appease.

You don’t always have to be creating content and taking amazing photos and being an instagram queen. Sometimes you have to take your car to be serviced or go shopping for toilet paper, and that’s okay too.

It's Okay If Blogging Isn't Your No1 Priority
My blog has taken a real backseat of late.

My hectic schedule just doesn’t allow for the time it takes to create content to my maximum potential, and I hate churning out half-arsed blog and instagram posts. Substance and style over bullshit and bad photos, am I right?

If anything, even my MA has taken a little bit of a backseat too. Not a major backseat, just a little bit off the radar when it comes to my everyday life. Let’s just say I tend to write my essays when I finish for the day at about 11:30pm… life is pretty full at the moment.


Smashing your blog on top of your life isn’t an achievable goal. You’ll burn out, and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves and to you.

Learn to delegate, tell people when you need help, and put things that just don’t need to be done to the side. It’s honestly okay to do that. 

Realistically, our blog is only ever as good as the time and effort we put into it. Not the amount of time and effort, but the quality of that time and effort.

Half an hour in a café, focused entirely on this blog post and photos, has led to a post that I’m happy with. Half an hour – that’s all. And it’s better than anything I’ve published in the last month that I’ve had to spread thinly over a couple of days because I felt like I had to post.

Blogging is organic and your attention to it should be too. The best blogs are the ~real~ blogs and that’s what this is. It’s real because I didn’t force it. I blogged because, for the first time in forever, I had time. x


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  • I totally agree! When work or life gets busy, there’s not point feeling guilty to push blogging to the backburner! x

  • Izzy K says:

    I love the message of this post. I think it’s important to write posts when you’re in the mood to, not just because you feel like you have to. Sometimes other things need to come first 🙂

  • whatkaitedid says:

    So I’ve been meaning to write a looooong email praising your blog to the skies – and I still will! I promise! – but this post really encapsulates why you’re one of my favourite bloggers. I feel like we get an insight into your daily life rather than just a photoshopped version that’s the same as everyone else’s blog. Sure, you write about some similar subjects like beauty and wellness, but it’s about how they fit in with your life. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve forgotten which blog I’m reading because it could be anyone’s – I never do that with you. I love blogs because I like seeing how people live and who they are and what’s important to them. Authenticity is overused in the blogging community, but that’s exactly what you give. AND you’re a terrific writer! Thanks for giving us your content – and for never making it feel like content, but a scribbled page in a notebook that you want to share with us.

  • This was really well said. Blogs are always more time consuming than we think and it is hard to put it on the back burner sometimes out of guilt. And the fact that it’s way more fun than cleaning the house! Really enjoyed this post, we all need to hear it more often 🙂
    Steph x.

  • Zohra says:

    I’m totally feeling this at the moment with it being my last year at uni with so many essay deadlines! Blogging has definitely taken a backseat, glad I’m not the only one ahah ! x

  • Yasmina says:

    I totally agree with you! For most blogging is a hobby on the side of everything else and you shouldn’t feel guilty if other things come first 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  • Emma Hart says:

    We can put far too much pressure on ourselves to blog all the time and make it our priority. There’s no harm in it not being your priority especially if when you do blog, you put out corkers like this one.

    Emma | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

  • Aimee Julia says:

    This is such a great post. I’m loving that bloggers are talking more about how it’s okay to not put blogging first, to not pride yourself on being busy all the time, to slow down more. There was this real expectation on all of us for a while to live the busiest life possible and cram so much in, in order to be a ‘girlboss.’ But honestly? Sometimes you just need to take it slow, and spend Friday night playing The Sims, or Saturday binge watching Netflix, and not feel bad about it! x x

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