I Have Nothing To Add To The Blogging World

I Have Nothing To Add To The Blogging World

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s five to midnight and I’ve just read one of those ‘here are my fave bloggers’ posts and now I feel rubbish about myself. It’s not that I wasn’t mentioned, because quite frankly I don’t give a damn about that, but that a) I feel like I’m a bit too young to be a good blogger, and b) what would anyone even say about me and my blog?

I keep banging on about how I’ve been ill a lot lately, don’t I? Well here I am again telling you that I’m not feeling great.

I also told you a few days ago how much pressure I was putting on myself re: Instagram.

Time to elaborate on those reasons up there:


This one’s a weird one because it’s a pretty new feeling for me in general. All my friends (well, most of them) have now graduated and are cracking on as adults and I’m left writing essays at what might as well be school. When I say ‘young’ I don’t mean age, you see. What I mean by ‘young’ is just that I’m lacking in general life experience and so am horrendously boring. I live at home during the holidays and will be moving back into halls soon and that’s pretty much what I do with my time.

I’m not fun and exciting and I don’t drink wine or whatever. I don’t have a girl gang or a squad, both in blogging and out. I don’t like having my photo taken unless I’m in complete control of that photo. I feel like an absolute baby compared to my working friends and the bloggers I follow.

And this leads me on to the second of my reasons for feeling so rubbish.


What would someone say if they wrote about me and n&b?

My posts don’t offer anything new to blogging. I don’t give great advice or help anyone. I don’t write fun articles or share interesting anecdotes.

At the moment all I seem to do is get a bit sad and ill.

I guess we all go through stages like this.

I just don’t believe that I have anything new to offer anyone. I don’t have anything that makes me stand out from any of the other thousands of blogs out there. There isn’t really anything, in my eyes, that makes me want to follow my own blog.

Lol such a Debbie Downer tonight.

I think it’s true though, and do correct me if I’m 100% wrong. My blog and my content doesn’t stand out.

I think n&b is an expression of who I am right now. I don’t want to be seen. Hell, I’ve literally not gone to friends’ parties and events and what not purely because I can’t face being looked at. So maybe my blog doesn’t stand out at the moment because I don’t want to stand out at the moment.

I don’t want the attention that comes with growing your following. I don’t want the attention from people in real life.

But what does that mean for me and n&b? Do I just wait and hope that I suddenly become interesting, or do I accept the way it’s going at the moment?

I literally have no idea.


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  • Becky Bedbug says:

    Yours is one of my favourite blogs so there

  • I absolutely love your blog. I think your photography makes your blog stand out but I can totally understand your anxieties about your blog because I feel them about mine too.

    Abigail Alice x

  • Mara Kameron says:

    Oh Imii! This made me so sad to read, because quite frankly I think this is a thought that many bloggers have from time to time. But here’s the thang: there’s only one of you. There’s only one person in the world exactly like you, and that is valuable. Your perspective and vision and even the way that you interpret the world around you is unique to yourself. That’s what you share. That’s your value proposition. You.

    Keep your chin up, my dear!

    -Maranda Kameron Seney | The Minimalist Look

  • Wanderlust Girl (kyia belle) says:

    All I want to do is give you all the hugs squeezes, Imii!! In my eyes, you’re not too young, and I’m sure you have wayyy more than enough experience than what you think. Just remember that your blog is a place where you can be totally yourself, careless of if it stands out or not. Because of how honest you are, you’re the reason I love to blog, and why you’re one of my favourite blogs! It’s a place where we can relate and chat to one another and I think that’s great 🙂 xxx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty

  • Liza Tait-Bailey says:

    Reading this is fascinating to me because every time I read your blog I end up feeling super envious of what you’re doing and writing about. Your photographs are incredible and I love your brutal honesty and frank observations, two things that make me come back time and time again. However I actually appreciate what you say about your blog being a representation of you right now, and that’s no bad thing. There seems to be this endless pressure to grow a blog, but if you enjoy the act of writing then it’s okay to be happy with where you’re at! You have a valuable perspective, even if you’re not following the trends of other people 🙂 I hope you can feel okay about what you’re doing, because personally I think you’re awesome.

  • Raè says:

    I absolutely love and appreciate your honesty but don’t be so hard in yourself! Those who follow your blog, I included, admire your work and value what it is you say on your blogging space. Your unique persona, be it none-exciting as you state, carries value and is persieved as something beautiful, even in the blogosphere. So sure, you live at home during the holidays and you don’t drink- many bloggers are on the same boat, and to that I say “welcome aboard” (I know, I know, corny…very very corny). I personally enjoy the transparency of your blog and how it emulates who you are. Because it emulates truth. Embrace where you are in life with the hope, intention and footwork to push forward as a blogger. In the mean time, I’ll be reading your awesome posts. (Side-note- you have so much to give and so much to offer. And your blog emulates that elegantly).

    Rae | http://www.wanderingadventurer.com

  • woodenwindowsills says:

    Well i love your blog and I look forward to each new post, no matter what they’re about! It sounds more like you need some excitement and adventure in your own life. You don’t have to lock yourself away to finish uni off, why not push yourself to join some random sport or society you’d have never dreamed of? Uni was such a great time for having loads of cheap opportunities to try things, once you’re out you realise how expensive they can be paying as a full price adult! Having a break from the repetition each day might give you new creative inspiration or just help you get outside and meet some different people? Alice xxxx


  • Monica says:

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this!! But, this post resonates with me because I feel the same way about IG and my own blog. I am not getting traffic on either and I also feel I am not offering anything interesting or helpful. Yes, I started just to kind of keep an online journal for myself but it turned into sharing with other people…who all seemed to have moved on.

    I may take a break. A short breather to re-evaluate what I want my blog to be.

    I hope you feel better! All bloggers hit this unhappy rut. Take a breath and go back to the beginning. Why did you start this blog? What are your favorite parts of keeping it active?

    From my side, I love your blog. Your photography skills are exceptional and I keep coming back for them.

  • Rae Momo says:

    I love your blog! Beautiful photography, but the really captivating thing is your authenticity. Hoping you feel better very soon and manage to fit in a trip back to Paris.

  • Matea says:

    It’s actually my first time here, and all thanks to this very honest and touching post that made you stand out from my entire Bloglovin feed (hello, you’ve got yourself a new reader!). I think most of us have moments where we feel about blogging the way you do now because there’s so many articles out there telling us what to do, what kind of blogger we should be in order to be successful, what kind of posts should we write and how helpful each post should be. But screw all that nonsense dear and just be yourself. If you’ve been feeling sick lately, why not write about it, why not write about whatever the hell you feel like sharing – this is your personal space and not every blog should be a big lifestyle magazine (or whatever), I know my favourite ones are just like yours – honest, bold, different (yes you are) with strong personal point of view. After all, blogs started out as little virtual diaries and wasn’t that the reason why we all jumped on the bandwagon?

    Sending you hugs & kisses!
    xx, http://www.smilesnapsparkle.com

  • As the other comment have rightly stated – your blog is great! It’s filled with different content, real content – that I really relate to sometimes, which I love and is helpful to me! – fab pictures and there’s only one you so that alone makes your blog different and special!

    I agree having little life experience other than just uni and reading and looking up to other bloggers with loads of talent and exciting things to talk about can affect a bloggers confidence, it does make me think twice about blogging definitely. But I think you’re right your blog in that your blog is a reflection of you and if this is where you are at the moment with your life then that’s that, we all go through it and soon you might think, this isn’t really what I want and make more exciting things happen to you or they might just happen naturally.

    I think you’re blog is fab!!



  • Aimée Julia Cottle says:

    Oh my gosh, I freaking love your blog. I genuinely look forward to reading your blog, and am always excited when I see a new post from you in my BL feed. It’s so easy when you’re feeling ill, rundown and crap to feel bad about everything but I know I’m not alone in saying your blog is ace. I love the way you write, you always make me laugh, or nod my head because I can definitely relate. Seriously, so great. I hope you can start to see that, too. x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • Jessie Lewis says:

    I seriously love your blog!! Your photography is also amazing!
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • Kim Petersen says:

    It’s defintitely a phase. First thing I’d tell you is be happy to be “young” and “boring.” There will come a point in your life where all you do is adult (I know, I’m in my 30’s) and even though you have the means to do things you lack the time or the energy. You’re free, you can do or be whatever you want, have fun with that! And you are not boring, trust me! Second is that no matter how “cookie cutter” our blogs may seem, we all bring our own perspectives and personalities to the post. It doesn’t matter if you do a post on something that’s been blogged about a million times, it’s different because you’ve done it in your style! I hope you feel better, you are an awesome person, if you love doing what you do just keep at it! XO -Kim

  • Katie S. says:

    Ugh, I think as bloggers we ALL go through this!! It’s so hard when there are so many people out there that have something to say. Everyone is shouting at the top of their lungs just trying to be louder than the people around them and it’s exhausting. And it seems like literally EVERYONE is blogging. I was just going through the same thing this week. Like what’s the point? But your blog is SO beautiful and your content is great!! If it matters to you then it’s going to translate into being genuine, which is what people want from a blog anyway, right? Just keep doing you! Who cares if you aren’t other people… that’s probably a good thing anyway! 🙂

  • Lucy says:

    Ohhhh Imii, your blog is one of my favourites – your photography is always on point and just your writing style in general. I often feel too young to be on the blogging scene as well but I mean, who cares if you like blogging you keep blogging gal!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Glam & The City says:

    omg! don’t be so hard on yourself, you are doing great


  • francescafell says:

    You silly saucisson! What makes you unique is exactly this kind of honesty. You have a great authorial voice and everyone feels crap when they’re ill. It’s bloody hard being a student too. Go easy on yourself and keep writing. Much love xxx

  • Jenny says:

    Loved how raw this post was and I actually relate to a lot of this! I don’t drink and just feel lost sometimes! With that being said I love your blog and the beautiful photography x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  • Emma Hart says:

    I think we all go through phases like this and it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others and think our lives and dull and boring because of what we see online. I look at a lot of blogs through my job and trust me, yours is definitely one that stands out as one of the better ones so please don’t feel too down about things!

  • dreamofadventures says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, you have a lovely blog and I always enjoy reading your many fun and interesting posts. But yes I do know how you feel and sometimes I need to take a step back from blogging to full appreciate all the work I’ve put into it =o)


  • Patti Blue says:

    I absolutely love your blog and your honest and relatable posts! I think we all go through stages like this at some point in our lives, no matter if we are bloggers or not. To me, what makes your blog stand out are your amazing pictures and your honest and funny personality. Just focus on those things that make you you and don’t compare your blog to others. Every blog is different and I always enjoy reading your posts! 🙂
    Patti Shifting Tales

  • Rita Macedo says:

    Well, I love your blog and I love reading your blog posts! Maybe you don’t need to be extra glorious and travel the world to be successful, sometimes it’s just nice that we can relate to someone even when we don’t know the person! I relate to your blog and I love it 🙂


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