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As someone moving to paris in the very near future, the fact that I don’t like coffee is starting to worry me

When I was invited to an event all about coffee cocktails by the Joe Blogs network, in partnership with Currys, I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and get involved. After all, mixing the dreaded coffee with alcohol might be just the taste sensation I needed to finally make me a coffee drinking adult.

The event was held at Revolution Bar in Newcastle, a thirty second walk from the station, and was a really fabulous evening with drinks, nibbles and amazing new friends here in the North East – If I were you I’d definitely take a look at Katie, Rachael and Nicola’s fabulous blogs!


The event followed Revolution’s classic cocktail masterclasses but with a new coffee twist, each group making a different cocktail behind the beautiful bar and then taking time to relax with some fabulous food. Perfect. (Apart from the coffee part…) There was also the amazing prize of a Nespresso coffee machine for the best photos and tweets of the night! More of that later.

As a very very new newbie to the blogging world, this was my first blogging event and I was so nervous on the delayed train from Durham into Newcastle – properly scared. I trembled my way into the bar following the lovely Rachael and we got chatting immediately – we were quickly joined by Katie and Nicola, all swapped (gorgeous) business cards and bam, blogging friends!

Because of our chit-chat we managed to end up right at the back during the initial demonstration (naturally, to rectify this we carried on chatting) so when the time came for us to head ‘backstage’ we were a little confused about what we had to do and where. Luckily our excellent teachers, Rory and Josh, were perfect in demonstrating our drink – the espresso martini.




(These fabulous photos of me showing off my cocktail making skills are courtesy of the very talented Katie – we decided to swap cameras to get our very own action shots…) I’m an absolute cocktail novice so my feeble attempts at shaking and pouring syrups is beautifully documented.coffeecurry10

Mad skillz here – look at that pouring action! Sometimes I can’t even pour hot water into a mug, let alone five at once. Having all lost track of whose cocktail was whose I grabbed the weakest one and had my first sip.coffeecurry11

Processed with RookieI’m going to be honest with you – I still don’t like coffee. Drinking my concoction really was a struggle and I’m ashamed to say that I ‘lost’ my drink on a table. Still, there’s nothing as aesthetically pleasing as a cocktail glass so we had a lot of fun taking photos, even if the cocktails weren’t amazing. (I blame myself for being rubbish at making them).

Lucky for me a fabulous rainbow of dominoed shot glasses down the bar made up for my disappointing adventure into the coffee world and the sweet fruity shot and lemonade kept be incredibly happy!


coffeecurry15So what was next? Food. Growing hungrier and hungrier (as well as jokes about needing food with our cocktails becoming more and more frequent) we made our way back to our roped off area for some nibbles! They were so kind to prepare vegan treats alongside the pizza and chicken and the hummus was absolutely to die for. Seriously, I need to find myself a recipe for that because it was the best I’ve ever had. No lie. And little cones full of chips? Inspired! (Can you tell the food was really really good?)


coffeecurry16Remember I mentioned that photo competition? Well obviously the lovely Rachael won it with some of her truly stunning photos – looks like we’ll be having a coffee morning at hers in the future! (Check out her twitter and instagram to see her winning pieces!)

So what did I think of the event, it being my first ever?! I LOVED it. I’m so so glad that I took the plunge and got involved – it was a truly wonderful night and I really did make some great friends. (Thanks so much to Katie for letting me share her taxi back from Durham station – way too kind to me!)

Thanks so much to Currys, Revolution and Joe Blogs for hosting such a fabulous event for us – it really was a lovely night!

And now for the big question. Am I a changed woman? Have I matured into a coffee drinking French goddess? Am I ready to embrace the Paris lifestyle? Well… no.

I’m so sorry, but I just don’t like coffee.



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  • emmabydesign says:

    Looks like such a great event, glad you had an amazing time with it being your first one- blogger events are so much fun! 🙂 xx


  • Jenny says:

    I wish I’d been able to attend the event but I was far too busy with uni work, it looks like it was a great night. It would have been nice to meet fellow bloggers from Durham/the North East. Mind you, I don’t like coffee either, so I’m not sure how the drinks would have gone down! xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

    • Imii Mace says:

      Oh no! It would have been so nice to meet you – I’m sure there will be another opportunity! Yeah the coffee really was the only problem for me 😛

  • elizamhall says:

    Wow Imii.. this looks like great fun! I’ve never been to a blogging event but they look so good.. I think i’d be SO nervous. I don’t even know how to get the opportunity to attend these events, please could you let me know? xx

    • Imii Mace says:

      I heard about it through the Joe Blogs network! There’s a link at the top of the post or you can just google them – sign up for their newsletter and you’re away! They’re a really fabulous blogging service (: xx

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