No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all know how much I love No7 for foundation. I bang on and on and on about it, and have definitely already written two posts on their foundations in the last year alone. (Airbrush Away & Instant Radiance) This new one is no exception and I’m really excited to share it with you – not literally. You’ll have to get your own. Soz.

So this time I needed a new foundation, I went for something different in the form of No7’s Stay Perfect Foundation – a pretty standard, no frills foundation. It’s not got a fancy pipette like the Airbrush Away, and isn’t super dewy like the Instant Radiance. It’s just right, like baby bear’s porridge. I went for this one, as with all of my No7 foundations, in the shade ‘Calico’ as that’s what I’m matched with using their cool shade matching gadget.

The reason I opted for the no frills foundation is simple. My skin hasn’t been too fab lately and I wanted something medium/high coverage that I could easily build and add to with all my fancy highlighters and glowy bits and pieces. It’s like a blank canvas for my face, just sheer enough to not give me that foundation face look, but heavy enough to cover those blemishes that just won’t fade.

As with all my foundations, Stay Perfect is SPF 15 so bad news for flash photography enthusiasts – great news for anyone that values their skin all year round. Once buffed on, it lasts pretty much all day and protects your skin throughout.

A bonus for me is also the texture. It’s not super thick and gloopy like high coverage foundations tend to be. It’s smooth and pretty fluid, with enough body to cover properly. Having applied it using a number of methods (hands, blender, brush) I must say that the texture lends itself beautifully to being buffed on with a brush, and smoothed over slightly with a blender after – just to iron out the creases.

As a base, it’s just excellent. Powders stick to it perfectly, without caking or creasing, and it’s super easy to blend everything out to perfection. My favourite thing to pair it with is the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow palette as it just lends itself to that filmstar look so perfectly. Perfect glowy skin every damn time.

Overall, I’m thrilled with Stay Perfect and will be using it all through what’s left of winter and into the start of spring. Perfect skin every single day!


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