No7 Instant Radiance Foundation.

No7 Instant Radiance Foundation

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ep, another foundation review. This time it’s the No7 Instant Radiance Foundation.

My last two foundation reviews (GOSH Foundation Drops and No7 Airbrush Away) are the most viewed posts on n&b, every single day. Seriously, it goes home page, a new post if I have one up, and then both foundation reviews. Y’all love looking at foundation, dontcha?

No7 is probably my favourite place to go for foundation. It’s that perfect combination of mid-range quality, with the ease of just picking it up in Boots. Add the fact that because of their super handy colour-matching service I can just walk in, pick up ‘Calico’ in whatever I want, and then leave – winner, winner, chicken dinner. I’ll probably never bother trying to find my shade in any other foundation because why? So easy, so good.

I love my Airbrush Away foundation. I love the application and the beautiful coverage and the second-skin finish BUT it can be a little matte. I needed something with a little bit of a spring glow, medium coverage and a beautiful finish. Let me introduce you to the Instant Radiance Foundation.

No7 Instant Radiance Foundation

So I won’t beat about the bush. We all know what a foundation is and where to put it and how and what it does (or is meant to do, anyway). I won’t insult you by telling you that it goes on your face.

What I will tell you about it the finish. Once applied (I use a buffing brush) the silky creamy foundation creates a lovely dewy finish. Not too wet and sweaty looking, and not matte like you’ve painted yourself in chalk paint. Perfect for Spring and the lead up into Summer. It covers blemishes and odd skin tones beautifully and really does wake up your face. I might even prefer it to the Airbrush Away just because it does look so pretty and radiant on the skin.

Another ‘perfect for Spring’ thing is the inclusion of SPF15. No7 are good at things like this, and it’s so important that they are. Everyone, look after your skin all year round. Wear SPF all year round. Do it. I don’t care if people take a lot of flash photos of your face, deal with it. You need to look after your skin in sunshine, shade, under the sea.

I’ll be wearing this until it runs out, no doubt. A massive thumbs up from me.

No7 Instant Radiance Foundation

What’s your go-to foundation for Spring?
Have you tried No7 for foundation?


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