Night Time Essentials

Night Time Essentials

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]leeping, as nice as it is, can be really bloody hard to do. Like, you get all comfy in bed, if you even can, and then you close your eyes but then you think about something else and then it all falls apart and its 4am and you’re tidying your wardrobe because you had a mild panic about something that happened six months ago and has affected your life in no way other than at the time, and right now, as you try to sleep.

Lol u ok hun?

So just to make my life, and your life, that little bit easier, I’ve figured out a fool proof way of relaxing before bed. Three little things that chill me out and get me to sleep, stress free. 60% of the time they work every time. I’m no miracle worker.

Where do you want to start? With the skincare stuff or the shark phone case? I’m going to go skincare.

We’ve all bought into the DECIEM hype, haven’t we. I’ve been a fan since they sent me their amazing Hylamide Primer to try earlier this year, but that’s all I’d really tried until now. Rhianna has been saying for ages now that The Ordinary has changed her life, skin wise. Rhi is a pretty trustworthy gal, and when she says something is amazing she’s definitely always right. I did a teeny bit of quick research into exactly which The Ordinary serum my skin needed, and then jumped straight on asos to pick up Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA (yeah, no idea either). You can find the full deets on their website here, but basically it’s cruelty and alcohol and all sorts free, and reduces the appearance of spots and pigmentation problems. So basically everything I need.

And oh my god is it good. Rhi is spot on. I haven’t had a new spot since I started using it, every evening under moisturiser (though you don’t really need the second coat), a few weeks ago. It’s a triumph, and for £7 it’s an absolute steal. Go. Go to asos now.

Night Time Essentials

When it comes to the actual sleeping part, I have two little faves. First up is my phone, complete with Shark Skinnydip Case, and a little guy known to you and me as Harry Potter. I’ve listened to audiobooks while I try to sleep for as long as I can remember. First it was Ballet Shoes on cassette, maybe a bit of Just William, and came the vintage Radio 4 comedy shows, last year it was Victoria Wood best of compilations, and now it’s good old HP. Harry Potter always has my back. The only thing I’d bash it for is for actually keeping me up during the more exciting parts. Legit, when Harry and Hermione were going back to rescue Buckbeak and and Sirius I legit was wide awake making sure they were okay. This is obviously ridiculous as I’ve reread the HPs at least once a year since they came out. I know they’re going to be fine. It’s obviously not the perfect outcome for anyone as Haz doesn’t get to go live with Sirius and Sirius is still pretty wanted but whatever. Crisis averted.

Just a heads up, you can grab those white wireless earphones up there from Sudio Sweden with 15% off because I spoil you. Just use code ‘IMII15’ at the checkout. You’re welcome.

Finally we have the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I actually picked this particular one up in a set, with the mini rollerball Stress Less as a set, on the flight back from Marrakech – shout out to Duty Free for knocking £4 off (and also to Ollie for buying it for me). Before that I’d been working through a million free samples from various magazines because I’m cheap and lazy. I’ve also had the piss taken out of me by a pal because of this spray because it’s basic af, but whatever. Stop using basic to shame women for doing things they like to do. Not soz.

The only downside of this spray is that the gorgeous lavender scent doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to – I’m definitely not asleep by the time I get used to it, and so occasionally have to reapply. That said, it works amazingly at relaxing me, so it doesn’t really matter that it’s wearing off because I’m already feeling cosy and happy. If you struggle to relax on an evening I’d definitely recommend the combo set as the mini Stress Less is perfect for winding down, and the spray perfect for sealing the deal.

Night Time Essentials


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