My Life: An Autobiographical Journal

My Life: An Autobiographical Journal My Life: An Autobiographical JournalI’m lucky enough to have really awesome friends who give really awesome birthday gifts. This ‘My Life: An Autobiographical Journal’ is no exception.

I get bored a lot in Paris. Don’t hate me, but I do. As beautiful as Paris is, sometimes I just can’t entertain myself. Whether its because the weather is rubbish, the shops are shut, or just because I don’t fancy wrestling with tourists on the metro, sometimes Paris just isn’t any fun.

Because of this fact, I seem to have spent the majority of the last few months on Netflix. Now, this isn’t a new hobby of mine, but it is something that has grown from a pass-time to a necessity. Not cool.

Needless to say I was absolute overjoyed when I unwrapped this little book in G’s front room.

So the whole point of the journal is to beat writers block by offering little prompts, written in alphabetical order. Upon completion the book should be a full autobiography with chapters ranging from your ‘Lottery Winnings Priority List’ to ‘Epic Disasters’. The title is there and its up to you entirely how you finish the page.

My aim from now onwards is to follow one of the prompts every single day so that I can keep a record of my time in Paris and my life before.

Who knows, there may even be a few blog posts lurking inside!




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