My Bomb Cosmetics Wishlist

Durham doesn’t have a Lush and this can be a real problem when it comes to cruelty free relaxation.

However, Lush is not the only place to find some amazing products that are both gorgeous to the nose and kind to the body!

Bomb Cosmetics offers a perfect alternative to the Lush cult with a store right in the centre of Durham and loads of wonderful bombs, blasters and soaps (and much more) to try.

As I’ll be back in Durham in just over a week, I thought I’d share with you what I’m most looking forward to trying out!


1 // Azure Skies Blaster | £2.29
Reviews tell me that this blaster smells exactly like freshly cut grass and what could be more apt for Spring?! This blaster is so SO pretty and has a based of fig and cedar, with amber, coconut and tonka. Sounds like absolute heaven!

2 // Boho Belle Gift Pack | £12.99
This one’s a bit of a haul: Flutter By Butterfly Blaster, Sweet Sundae Soap, Free Spirit Soap, Garden Party Mallow, and Rosehipster Buttercup!
Relaxing scents designed to help you de-stress and relax – perfect for the coming exam season! (Might have to convince the boyfriend that this would make a lovely little exam-time gift…)

3 // Strawberry Fields Soap | £2.49
I’ve never seen a soap look so edible! Seriously, it looks like a strawberry jelly!
I’m a huge bar-soap fan – so much so that I haven’t actually used a body-wash or gel soap in almost a year. I love that squeaky clean feeling that only a bar can give.
This soap has a fruity medley of blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrant, as well as apple and pear – fruit salad for your skin. I’m seriously so excited to try this one out!

4 // Jasmine & Cotton Bath Creamer | £2.09
Sometimes you just need to relax with something simple.
This creamer smells like cotton and jasmine, offering ‘floral cleanliness’ and cocoa and shea butter to nourish the skin. Its the simple things in life, right?

5 // Blissful Rest Tinned Candle | £7.99
I love candles – when I’m in my room I always have at least one burning away, no matter what I’m doing. In fact, I’m not sure I can write essays without a lit candle nearby!
This candle not only looks amazing, but smells amazing. Zesty lemon, grapefruit and mandarin, with lavender and sage essential oils.
Sounds like absolute heaven in a tin!

6 // Wow Factor Shampoo Bar | £3.79
This is the product that I’m most excited to try! As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a HUGE bar-soap fan. Can’t get enough. Having seen Lush’s collection of shampoo bars and being absolutely intrigued, I thought I’d check Bomb Cosmetics to see what they had to offer – I was not disappointed.
Blended with essential oils and conditioners, this bar supposedly makes your hair silky and soft to the touch. Fragranced with chamomile and lavender, I honestly can’t wait to test this out on my hair!

As you can see, the range of products offered by Bomb Cosmetics is fantastic – I honestly would try them all if I didn’t have to buy food and pay rent…
One of the definite perks of the brand is that they are, on the whole, a little cheaper than Lush, offering the same gimmicky fragrances and shapes and the same level of satisfaction!
On top of this, all of their products are cruelty free and most are vegan! Fantastic, eh?!

I’m really looking forward to letting you know what these beauties are like when I get my hands on them!



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