My Morning Skincare Routine.

My Morning Skincare Routine.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood morning, everyone! Or whenever you’re reading this, to be honest. It goes live in the morning but who even knows when you’ll click the little bloglovin/twitter/facebook/etc. link. Could literally be any time. I’m going to say good morning, none the less. Fight me.

So today I’m going to be sharing my super duper quick morning skincare routine. It takes five minutes, in between going to the loo and brushing your teeth, and keeps my skin crystal clear (most of the time). It’s also super refreshing for these hot summer days, and contains some SPF goodness so, yeah. Kinda onto a winner here. Three simple steps and bang, the dirt is gone!

My Morning Skincare Routine. My Morning Skincare Routine.

So the first thing I do is cleanse in cold water, using the Clarins Daily Energiser Cleansing Gel. I only have a tiny tube of this little beauty, part of an old travel set, but it’s just the best thing ever. I massage it onto my puffy morning face, rinse away with water, and tadaaah! Clean! It goes a long way, foams up beautifully, and a lovely fresh scent. It’s perfect for first thing in the morning and for last thing at night, and I just adore it. I’ll be buying a full sized tube as soon as this runs out – which probably won’t be for years and years and years.

After I’ve patted myself dry, and wiped off any left over panda-eyes with a naughty makeup wipe (not sorry) I spritz myself all over with Lush’s Tea Tree Water Toner. I know that the ‘done thing’ is to wipe toner on with a cotton pad, or whatever, but when this was demonstrated to me in the shop in Paris, they just spritzed it on and moisturised straight into it. This is what I’ve been doing ever since. I think I told you how much I loved this massive bottle of toner in my recent Paris Lush haul? Take a look, if you haven’t read it.

My Morning Skincare Routine.

I finish up my morning, pre-makeup, with Clinique’s Superdefense SPF20 Daily Moisturiser. I’ve linked to the full size product here, but I actually picked up this little tube in Sephora, in the travel section. I think it was about 10€ which for a little tube like this, isn’t too bad! I love this moisturiser. I really bloody love it. I’m so fussy about moisturisers not being fragranced, and having SPF and not being too heavy or too light, and this ticks all the boxes. The consistency is thick but it glides on super smooth, and a little goes a long way. It also has the bonus of being SPF20, which in this weather is a real godsend. I always wear SPF foundation, but having a little extra on underneath that, for when you inevitably sweat all that base off, is a must. Look after your skin, kids.

My Morning Skincare Routine.

What does your morning skincare consist of?
Are you a simple product person, or do you like a deep cleanse?


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  • Taiba says:

    I use the botanics collection from boots. Face scrub, wash, cleanser and toner.

  • Cherie says:

    Well (unashamedly) my winter routine has like at least 7 steps but since it’s summer (yes moisture come to meeeeh) I have gone back to basics! I cleanse, and depending on my skin during the week I use exfoliating toner pads, go in with a moisturising serum, sunscreen and moisturiser! I love the Origins Ginzing one during summer, perfect consistency ;-D

    Cherie | sinonym

  • Lucie Behn ♡ says:

    I love the sound of the LUSH toner! I must admit I rarely use a toner but I know I should probably add one into my routine.
    At the moment I’m trialling some skincare products from Kiehl’s and really liking them so far!
    Lucie xo |

  • Martha Jane says:

    I was really struggling with my acne over winter, but I’ve recently stripped back my skincare to something similar to this and my skin has cleared up so much. Pretty sure there are other factors involved, but it does make me wonder whether all these extra skincare products are just another ploy to get women to spend money on things they don’t really need! x

    Martha Jane |

  • Lucy says:

    Really great skincare routine – I love Lush’s Tea Tree Water, so amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Margaux White says:

    Simple et efficace your morning routine! I think I may give a try to Clarins cleansing gel. Mine consists of a gentle cleanser by an organic Greek brand I purchased on a holiday and the Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser, and that’s all I need in the morning ! I prefer to spend more time on my evening routine 🙂 x
    Margaux ∙

  • Sarah Ann says:

    Omg how much prettier does ‘tea tree toner’ look in French though, why do I want to go to France just to get fancy words on my lush products now haha. Great post though I’m going to have to try some of these bits!

  • Jennifer says:

    I love love reading skincare routines, it’s a nigh on addiction! My morning routine is really simple, a Kbeauty trick is just washing with water! I think the Clarins gel cleanser is really underrated, and gorgeous photos lovely, really enjoying reading your blog atm


  • Fariha says:

    The toner from Lush sounds good. How did it impact your skin after you started using it? I feel like I need a better skincare routine. Thanks for sharing your recommendations! Definitely pinning this for my next skincare product shopping spree 🙂

    Fariha |

    • Imii Mace says:

      It was noticeable pretty much immediately! My skin just had more of a glow it it, and got gradually more healthy looking over a week or so. Now I can’t manage without it! xx

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