Maybelline’s Blushed Nudes Palette

Maybelline's Blushed Nudes Palette Maybelline's Blushed Nudes Palette

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay, okay, I can’t stop buying makeup that I just don’t need. I have the dictionary definition of hooded eyes, and any eyeshadow that I do manage to attach to my tiny eyelids instantly gets swallowed up only to be seen when I close my eyes fully. There is literally no point in me wearing eyeshadow. And yet, here we are. Time to talk about the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been eyeing this one up for a while. It’s kinda pretty, isn’t it? All that rosey copper and then those lovely pinks and greens and all the colours I tend to wear… I’ll probably be using it in about a million blog/insta photos as a prop because it’s just so neutral and bloggy and bite me. Unfortunately I haven’t swatched anything because I literally can’t figure out a way of doing it where you aren’t subjected to my sausage arm covered in smudgy lines, probably out of focus or over exposed. I’m not that sorry, either.

I suppose the whole thing behind this palette is that it’s Maybelline’s Naked 3? All the pale pinks and the darker colours too, and nude is the arté word for naked so… Yep. Sounds about right. *Cue Art Historians all like ‘well actually nudity is a pure form and nakedness is erotically charged’*

As I don’t own the Naked 3, and only kinda own the Naked 2 (I mean, I bought one for my sister and use it when she’s not around), I feel like I’m in an excellent position to compare the two. What’s the internet without people pretending they know what they’re talking about, eh? In fact, I’m not going to compare the two anyway, because other than the colours in the tins looking pretty similar, that’s about all they have in common. Other than both being eyeshadows, of course.

Maybelline's Blushed Nudes Palette

There is rather a lot of fallout from the Blushed Nudes. The colours are good, and with a little layering they build up nicely (I’d also recommend a primer – I use this one). The lightest colours are very shere and a little glitzy for me, but I absolutely love the champagney one, (top, second from left). I pair it with the chocolate brown (top, far right) for a pretty natural daytime look – that instantly disappears into the folds of my eyelid. It’s the thought that counts.

You do however, have to be careful with that fallout problem. I tend to tap the brush into the powders, rather than swoosh over the top, to stop all that loose stuff flying about everywhere. I’m fine with doing that but you might not be. We cool.

I do like that the palette comes with two little extras: a brush that actually has a brush bit, and a set of instructions on the back (that I totally forgot to photograph) for people like me who are just incapable with makeup. It’s actually pretty in depth, and I might actually photo it tomorrow if I remember, so if there is a photo in this post with it all on don’t be alarmed. If I’m too lazy (more likely) then I’ll explain it for you now. Best of both worlds. According to the instructions you can either use the palette in sets of four, three or two shadows, and shows you which shadows go where. They’re actually arranged in the palette based on what they go with, and it turns out that my champagne and brown are just not meant to be. Think four, fours and four, for the ‘Quads’. Three across, three across, three across, three across, for the ‘Trios’. Two across, two across, you get the idea, for the ‘Duos’. Please feel free to completely ignore my terrible explaining skills.

The brush is cool because it’s not only that annoying little sponge applicator that makeup brands are still trying to convince us work (we all know they don’t, m8), but also a pretty average brush. Like, you wouldn’t actually use it, and I’ve actually thrown mine away, but the thought is there and I really appreciate that from Maybelline. Thanks, guys.

Maybelline's Blushed Nudes Palette

Despite all the above sass, of which there seems to be a lot. I do actually really like this palette. I’m not a big eyeshadow wearer because I find a lot of palettes too strong and the colours make my eyes look like tiny little beads. These softer shades and lighter colours are absolutely bang on, and make a huge change from my standard ‘cover my lid with gold and hope it looks exciting’ evening look. I like that I can wear them during the day without looking too made-up, and that they layer nicely for the evening, with a tiny hint of sparkle. I’ve actually been wearing the shades a lot since I bought it and that’s a pretty new thing for me. I’ve also been using all of the colours, rather than just sticking to one or two, which is also cool. Why buy a whole palette to only use one or two shades, right?

For only £10, ish, I think it does pretty well. The fallout is there, but it’s fine, and with a primer it does stay put for most of the day. The colours are pretty and wearable for 99% of occasions, and don’t make my eyes look small. That’s more than enough for me.

Maybelline's Blushed Nudes Palette


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