Marrakech Tomorrow

Marrakech Tomorrow

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother quick one from me today (I really need to sort myself out, blogging wise) to tell you that tomorrow morning, Ollie and I will be flying off to sunny Marrakech for four days of sunshine and amazing instagram opportunities. I can’t bloody wait. I’ve wanted to go for years and years.

After a solid three months of essays – which still aren’t properly finished – it’ll be nice to just do nothing for four days. I don’t have to think about work or jobs or exams or anything. I’m going to eat tagine and take photos of tiles and generally enjoy my week.

I’ll be honest, I’m still a long way from packed. I should probably go do that now. Or maybe I’ll do it after lunch. It’ll get done… As long as I have my camera I’ll be happy. And maybe clothes. And SPF BB cream. And a toothbrush. Okay, I should definitely pack properly in a minute. It’s only four days though…

I’m really hoping that this trip helps me out a little, in terms of creativity. There’s going to be a post up in the next few days about how much I’m struggling to find my way on instagram at the moment, and I think a change of scenery will help a lot. It’s nice to get out of Durham (where everything is pretty brown and green) for some colour and sun.

I’m really looking forward to relaxing and focusing on something for fun, rather than for school or for my CV or whatever. I’m really excited.

As always, you can follow what I’m up to on instagram – I’ll be posting on my feed as well as as regularly as I can on my instastory. Keep an eye out for exciting things on there.

See you on the flip side!


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