Make Every Day A Festival Day

Make Every Day A Festival Day

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is kinda a scary post and I’m not all that happy with it, but whatever. It’s fine. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fashion gal and I’m not especially happy with what this year has done to my body and my confidence is through the floor. Feel pretty good, hehe. I dunno, this took a lot of courage and I’m getting used to the whole thing. I’ll get there.

So this post started as a fashion post about how we don’t have to head to festivals like Glasto to get that festival vibe this summer. I’ve teamed up with Lighthouse to chat to you about festival essentials, festival fun, and that perfect festival rain jacket. Obviously I’m going to talk about all of those things, but I’m also going to put in a few words about being confident in your clothes this summer, rocking any look, and generally being happy and comfortable in the hot/probably rainy weather.

(Jacket: Lighthouse*; Top: New Look (similar); Culottes: New Look; Sunglasses: ASOS; Bag: ASOS; Shoes: Gola (similar))

Festivals are great, aren’t they? They’re fun and free and extremely tiring and generally just the best weekend. And they don’t have to be massive music festivals, they can be anything from Goodwood to an Autumn mushroom festival (idk). I think when people think festival they immediately think of places like Glastonbury or Reading/Leeds or whatever floats your boat. Truth is, however, that they’re just not my jam at all.

I did Reading a few years ago with some friends and it was fine. Sure, it was really really fun and we had a great time and saw some amazing bands, but actually I could have had the same amount of fun in my garden at home. Okay, that’s maybe hyperbole. But you get the idea.

Festivals don’t have to be big and noisy and kinda scary if you’re new/not a fan of crowds and loud noises. They also don’t have to see you sunburnt or caked from head to toe in mud.

To me, festivals are all about relaxing with your friends/family and doing something a little bit different.

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Make Every Day A Festival Day

Every year at my college in Durham we have a mini music festival by the lake, with local and college bands playing some great stuff, the college bar open all day, and everyone just relaxing and winding down after exams are over and the sun has (hopefully) come out. Every year it’s one of my favourite events at uni. Very chill if you want to be, very dancey and active if you want it to be. It’s generally just lovely.

But that festivally vibe doesn’t have to end when the band leave the stage and the bar closes. You can do festivally things all the time, just to keep the magic alive that little bit longer. Things like having a drink outside in the sunshine with a little bit of music, setting up a picnic rug somewhere and enjoying the summer air, or even just going for a rainy walk in the countryside with your wellies on. This is why this little Lighthouse rain jacket* is so great. It’s fab for standing out on a rainy afternoon at Isle of Wight fest, but also for heading into the fields at home, into town with your friends, and (as I will be doing in a few weeks) hiking in the Canadian mountains.

It took a lot of courage to take these photos, and a few tears if I’m really honest. I’m not a fashion gal and this year has been a particularly tough one for me re: my self-esteem. I’ve put on a lot of weight and it’s made me feel really shy and insecure, and I think you can probably tell how uncomfortable I feel in these photos. But hey, I think it’s paid off.

I have the summer now to figure out how I can move on from all of this, and I think posts like this are a great starting point, to really break out of my comfort zone and get myself sorted. They really push me to do better and try harder but also to be happier with who I am and what my body is up to at the moment. That’s kinda cool.

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  • dreamofadventures says:

    Festivals are always fun to go to with friends in the summer =o)
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, I think you still look beautiful =o)

  • woodenwindowsills says:

    My yellow coat is one of my favourite items that I own, and these lighthouse coats look amazing! Alice xxx

  • Lucy says:

    So sorry to hear you’re feeling like this. If it helps at all, you cannot tell AT ALL that you feel uncomfortable in these photos (I think we’re always really quick to notice it in ourselves, but honestly, you really can’t tell even after you’ve pointed it out!) and I think you look great! Love your style and it really suits you xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

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