What Has Made Me Happy In The Last 7 Days?

What Has Made Me Happy In The Last 7 Days?

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ver the last seven days I’ve been pretty gosh darn busy. Kinda. It’s been a weird mix of being really insanely busy up to the wire, and then not doing anything at all for ages, and then suddenly frantic. Oh, university! How you spoil me. Too many things to do, so little time, too much stress.

To beat the deadline blues, I’ve come up with a list of five things that have made me happy over the past seven days.


Picture the scene. You go into town with your pal because you have to buy more microwave food and pick something up from M&S. It’s a beautiful day so you go for a coffee outside and notice they stop serving brunch in 15mins. Next think you know there’s a plate of avocado toast sitting in front of you and you’re happy as a clam.

If you happen to be in Durham on a sunny day then I can’t recommend sitting outside Leonard’s Café enough. They’re cakey bits are to die for and everyone is lovely. Actually, even if it’s pouring with rain I’d still recommend it. Sit on one of the big sofas upstairs. Go. Go now.


So that’s really exciting for me. The deadline is a week tomorrow and I’m pretty much finished with the writing stage so I’m feeling good. It’s also more interesting to read than I thought it would be, and I’m becoming quite the expert on medieval and early modern medicine and its relationship with the rise and fall of witch hunting, etc. Fascinating stuff.


My parents and sister came up yesterday for Easter and we had a really nice time talking about my dissertation (lol) and generally mooching around Durham in the rain. Lunch was a black pudding scotch egg (!!!) and lamb burger, followed by an amazing rocky road bar from Flat White – a Durham institution. They also brought me a white chocolate egg because they’re awesome. Feels good, man.


On Saturday we all got together for a little BBQ which was so so nice because I don’t think I’ve eaten real food for weeks. It was nice to stop working for an afternoon, hang out with pals and music, and enjoy the sunshine (even if it was a bit chilly). Shout out to pork and apple sausages and kettle chips. Just a really nice idea and a really nice afternoon.


Sunshine and cheese scones and flowers and a few bumble bees. We spent a lovely Sunday lunchtime/early afternoon doing absolutely nothing except get slightly sun burnt and have a massive ironic conversation about zodiac signs. Looool. It was just really nice to do something a little different to writing words and reading books. I can’t wait for post-exams when I’m going to be outside every day!


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