I’ve Lost A Lot Of Instagram Followers Lately & Here’s Why

I've Lost A Lot Of Instagram Followers Lately

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll I ever seem to talk about is instagram, at the moment. Isn’t that weird? And kinda boring? Honestly though, I need to get a hobby. This insta obsession probably isn’t healthy. Hehe. I’m fine, I promise. But real talk, I’ve lost a heck of a lot of instagram followers lately. I dropped as many as 20 in a day the other week. What’s with that?

Well, I have a theory. Kinda.

I’ve changed the kind of stuff I’m posting. Ish.

Coming home from uni with a shiny new degree and being suddenly surrounded by people trained in taking photos of me (hi to Oliver and my little sister) I’ve found a little bit of confidence. I think it was my little graduation shoot that did it. Suddenly I didn’t mind my photo being taken, as long as the person taking it knew the drill.

And so the trouble began. Every time I’d post a photo of myself, the number at the top of my insta profile would drop by one or two, sometimes more.

Now, I get it. Y’all followed me for one thing and then suddenly I’m showing you my badly put together outfits instead of a Durham street or a classic filler shot of a cup of tea. I get it. I might even do the same if one of my fave accounts suddenly posted something entirely different. We’re all allowed to follow and unfollow because that’s life – though don’t do that annoying follow/unfollow thing because seriously everyone knows you’re doing it and it’s really annoying.

But then, my feed hasn’t changed that drastically. Sure I’ve slightly changed my editing style. And sure, I show my face and body a little more than I did. I’ve even changed the way I caption my images. But it’s not like I’ve suddenly started posting memes or motivational quotes or created a kind of Line of Duty fan account thing. To me, it’s the same.


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And to me, who has only recently allowed her photo to be taken, let alone posted to instagram, the reason behind this loss in followers is obvious.

And I’m not talking about that damn algorithm.

When you show the person behind the photos, behind the camera, you break the illusion. I know of a few bloggers, wonderful, well established bloggers, whose faces are a complete mystery to me. I have no idea what they look like, what colour their hair is, or even if they’re a real person at all. It’s part of the illusion.

When you forge an instagram life, and let’s not pretend that that’s not what it is, you forge an identity for yourself. You mark your place in the online world by living a life completely edited and filtered. It’s a highlights real and nothing more.

For all anyone knew, and I exaggerate here, I could have been a 6ft model with unlimited funds, the ‘perfect bod’ and the clearest skin.

Obviously you’ve all seen the odd selfie on there over time so don’t take me too seriously here.

But when you create an image for yourself, you have to stick to it. People follow you for that reason, and other people follow other people for other reasons.

I follow some people for healthy food, and others for fashion, and others for general lifestyle goals. I, in the past, would have followed myself for the latter.

Now that my feed is evolving, the people that might want to follow me need to change too. I’m lifting out of one niche, shedding a few followers, and slowly inserting myself into another, where I can pick up from a little below where I left off. Which means that where I was getting myself a little worked up about the loss, I’ve now come to see it as a good thing. I want people to follow my instagram for me, and for my face and for my body and for the things I say and the things I post.

That’s really exciting. Creating an image for myself that’s more real, is exciting.

So yeah, I’ve lost a few followers. And no hard feelings if you saw my fat ass up there and thought nah. But I’ve gained a little more confidence in myself and in my ‘brand’. That’s pretty cool.

Also, fuck the algorithm.


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  • Amy Theodore says:

    Instagram is such an up and down place, and I think, while watching those followers come and go (maybe sometimes go more than they come), if you’re happy with what you’re posting, the image you’re putting out there and loving the content your creating, while the numbers may be turbulent for a while, especially if you’re switching things up, I think people will see and feel the passion behind what you’re creating and eventually more true followers will appear 🙂

    Amy // http://www.thenoiseinwonderland.com

  • I for one am liking g your instagram MORE now it’s more personal, and I’m not just saying that (if i didn’t want to say it, i just wouldn’t say anything!) but oh my gosh you’re SO right about this. It’s even things such as “likes”. I posted a crochet project i spent frickin’ AGES on and it got half the likes of a random Zara top i snapped on the rail!

    In the end though, like you said, i think it’s more important to ask ourselves – what do WE want? If we love our lives for the sake of faceless individuals, or any number, we’re not living at all. We’re functioning by numbers, automatic and without true meaning. Okay preachy “wannabe miss world” speech over, i guess what i’m trying to say is BE YOU. And, yes, eff it to the algorithm!

    Bumble & Be

  • dreamofadventures says:

    Instagram is such a mess it seems. I’ve also gone up and down with my followers. When i post daily I gain a few followers, the moment I stop posting one day I drop very quickly. Post what makes you happy and I think that’s the best way to keep your instagram true to yourself =o)


  • Aimee Julia says:

    I’ve given up worrying about Instagram now. Between the algorithm, the non-chronological feed etc, I really can’t be assed. I just post whatever makes me happy and if I lose followers, so what? So I’m glad you’ve adopted the same mentality! And for what it’s worth, I’m enjoying the new direction your Insta feed is taking. x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • Serena says:

    I love your instagram feed! I’m glad you feel more confident! It’s so important and so uneasy in this messed up life. I have as well lost a lot of followers… I’m not sure why. However, I’m sure you’ll find even more followers now… Besides, it’s YOUR instragram so you should be able to post anything you’d like! x


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