Lockdown Has Only Increased My Creativity

lockdown creativity

Don’t worry, my dudes – this isn’t a post about how to be extra productive in lockdown. I don’t believe in that nonsense. Honestly who can be bothered to learn an instrument right now? No one (I really want to learn the banjo right now but they’re so expensive!!)

I should also say that really I’m not sure I mean ‘creativity’ – I think I mean ‘creative output’ but I might be wrong. It’s probably an amalgamation of the two.

Essentially, I’ve been creating more content than ever before, more or less stress free. I’ve been actually enjoying setting up the tripod and camera and getting to it, and after an hour I have a few good pics ready to be edited up and posted. I have content scheduled for maybe two weeks in advance??? So much so that I actually have to discard some as it just doesn’t feel right to post them anymore. I am a content machine.

This is why I don’t know if it’s creativity, or just output – the content isn’t especially groundbreaking. I’m not doing anything new or exciting. I’m just actually in the right headspace to spend time taking pics, and that truly is enough. I’m not so tired of instagram and the whole online thing that I can’t think of anything worse than hitting the ‘on button’ on my camera. My confidence to shoot good-enough content is at an all time high and I’m thrilled with that.

And with that, my stats have increased. My engagement has gone up, my story impressions, my followers, etc. I’ve been doing what everyone says is the key to growth – producing good content, and posting often – and, SHOCKER, it works. In the last two weeks I’ve gained 250 followers, and counting. As someone who tends to grow in bursts, I could not be happier that this one has come when it has.

All of these things are super lovely. I’ve found this time trapped in my flat to be very productive – completely by accident.

Overall, I think this increase in creativity comes down to two things:

1. I’m not embarrassed to create.

Shocker! Creating content can be really embarrassing. Like absolutely mortifying. I don’t know how a lot of people have the confidence to do it full time because I actually feel my whole body freeze up when it comes up in conversation. People think content creation, specifically influencer based stuff, is stupid. People who work in the industry think its stupid. I would honestly rather talk about my toenails for an hour than talk about my instagram or blog or whatever.

But, take out the ‘talking to people’ aspect and suddenly I’m all up in that content creation hype. I don’t have to talk about it to anyone. I don’t have to see people I know pull faces or roll their eyes. I’m truly living my best – not embarrassed at the thing I like doing – life.

As a side note, if you are someone that rolls their eyes at things that bring people joy or an outlet for creativity you are the worst. I don’t make the rules.

2. I have time to breathe

Okay so this one seems really obvious maybe I should have put it first… Whatever. Essentially, because of lockdown I have a bit more time to just stop and not do anything and in turn, it makes the stuff I do get round to doing better.

Take out the commute and the office and the to-ing and fro-ing of normal life, and suddenly I have like 3 extra hours to kill. Now, when work ends and I close my laptop, I don’t have to spend 40 mins pressed into someone’s armpit, stopping at Tesco to buy dinner, making dinner, watching an hour of nothing and then sleeping, only to do it all again. God that sounds so depressing doesn’t it. I swear my life is more interesting than that.

The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is get dressed and set up a tripod – I actually want to forget that instagram exists. I hate taking content on my lunchbreak (see: point 1) and don’t like ruining my weekends by giving a whole day over to tantrums and low self-confidence.

Lol imagine if this post was me slowly realising I have to become a full time content creator, creating mundane pastel-themed content in my bedroom?

Lockdown has given me a chance to breathe and therefore my creative output has doubled, along with my good vibes and my zest for making things. I painted? a? picture? the other day?

So in all of the bad vibes that lockdown has brought us, I’d like to personally thank it for boosting my confidence, my self belief and, in general, my passion for doing something I used to absolutely adore.

Cheers, my dudes.


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