A Little Spring Wishlist.

A Little Spring Wishlist

Spring is here, hoorah! And as usual I’m desperate to buy anything in any shade of pink. Stupid Spring.

I’m going to keep it short today, as I don’t need to go on and on about why I want to buy each little thing, but I thought I’d share some of the littler bits that I’ve been lusting over.

My wishlists never ever involve fashion because I generally hate clothes unless they’re black or striped, so soz that it’s all accessories and beauty!

Up first is Coconut Lane’s LUXE Gold Marble phone case because gold and marble and phone case. I mean, put them all together and you have the dream, don’t you?! Don’t forget that you can grab 20% off anything at Coconut Lane with code ‘imii20‘ because I spoil you.

I’ve recently discovered a raging love for Essie nail polishes and these two would be a perfect addition to my collection. In shades ‘Peach Side Babe’ and ‘Summit Of Style’, these will be perfect for the Spring/Summer transition, and the gold will give me just that little bit more glamour.

Topshop’s ‘Lips in Macaroon‘ is a gorgeous coral tone (and will go with the Essie nails pretty damn well to be honest). I love a coral lip but can never get away with it in winter. I’m so excited for loads of summer events so I can dust off my million coral lip products and glow! Also, I can’t resist anything to do with macaroons because, y’know, #Paris.

Okay so many this last one isn’t a ‘little thing’ or whatever. I mean, it’s technically small so it does count… Olivia Burton’s Grey & Rose Gold Watch is just beautiful, don’t you think? I have a lovely black and gold watch, but it might look a little out of place in summer with so many light, floral prints flying around. Pretty please?

As I say, just a quick one today! I’m off outside to play in the sunshine like a child. Or maybe just sit outside a café with a diet coke. Who knows.

Is there anything that you’re lusting after at the moment?
Are florals for Spring just too groundbreaking?



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