Les Petits Bonheurs: March 2016

Les Petits Bonheurs: March 2016Les Petits Bonheurs: March 2016

Another month has come and (almost) gone and I must say it went a hell of a lot faster than February.

In the spirit of keeping a record of the small things that made me happy, here’s what March threw at me. Some had posts all to themselves, some are stolen from my instagram, all of them made me smile just a little bit!

I’m going to start off where we are now, at home. I’ve come home from Paris for a few days over the Easter weekend and am just so happy. A Chinese takeaway, lunch and then breakfast (yassss eggs!) the next morning, as well as a lovely wander around town with both him and my family.

I stopped with my sister for milkshakes at this super cool ice cream place in Horsham and oh my gosh. The. Best. Ever. I hate things that taste overly sweet so the candy floss and bubblegum flavours weren’t for me, but cookies and cream? Yes please. Also, how cute is the café in the photo at the top? You don’t find that in Paris.

It was so so nice to spend so much time with Oliver as I haven’t actually seen him since the start of January. He’s coming to visit me next week, and actually will be with me in Paris a week today, but I was just so happy to talk to him in real life rather than through a screen. I’m so excited for him to come visit!

Les Petits Bonheurs: March 2016A Parisian Day Trip: Mont Saint-Michel & Saint-MaloLes Petits Bonheurs: March 2016 A Parisian Day Trip: Mont Saint-Michel & Saint-Malo

It’s been no secret that I’ve been doing a little bit of travelling around this weekend. In fact, I haven’t actually spent a weekend in my actual flat in Paris. I’m exhausted to be honest.

One of the best weekends was spent in Berlin, which was easily just too cool for me. I wrote a post about it aaannndddd may have ventured into YouTube with a little diary style vlog of my trip. Berlin is so so super cool and has so much history that it definitely should be high on anyone’s list.

I also took a little weekend break by the French coast with trips to Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo. I was almost a no-show but I’m so glad I changed my mind and jumped in at the deep end. I made some great friends, had a really lovely time, and also have another vlog coming for you at some point this week. You lucky lucky things.

48 Hours in Berlin: Photo Diary 48 Hours in Berlin: Photo Diary

On top of some more fixed things, Spring has well and truly hit Paris and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for the city. For a start, the flowers are all just a little bit cheaper to buy. Because I haven’t been in my flat for longer than 5 days at a time, however, I’ve had to steal myself away from any flower markets. I did spot this babies though and can’t wait to pick them up (or, y’know, whatever they have) when I head back on Monday.

I also took a tiny trip to Sephora, something I’ve been forcing myself away from for a couple of months now. I felt like I deserved it after being so disgustingly ill for three days. Anyway, I picked up my all time favourite sheet mask, the Perfecting Pearl mask, a small tube of 2-in-1 exfoliator and mask, and the super handy contour stick that I noticed Hannah Gale raving about the other day. I’ve had my eye on it for a while so was super happy to finally pick it up.

Les Petits Bonheurs: March 2016Les Petits Bonheurs: March 2016

What has made you smile this month?
Have you been anywhere, done anything, or treated yourself lately?


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