Les Petits Bonheurs: June 2016.

Les Petits Bonheurs: June 2016.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]‘know, this might be my last PB post. At the moment I’m undecided. I’ve officially left Paris, and so should really stop with the whole French titles thing, but also it’s nice to round up on what made me happy this month. I’ll have a think about whether I want to do a July PB. Let me know if they’re something you’d be interested in seeing now that I’m at home.

Anyway, here are some of the fabulous little things that have made me happy as a clam this June:


I’m like the anti-tourist. The more people tell me I should go to Laduree/Angelina/the bloody Louvre, the less I want to do it. Seriously, guys, I lived here for 10 months. I have heard of all these things. Have you heard of the places I go though? That’s the question.

Anyway, enough of being a knobhead. This month I actually had a bit of a panic and realised that in not doing the things everyone always tells me to do, I haven’t actually got a leg to stand on when telling people that Paris is more than macarons in a pastel box. Off I set in a mission to do things that I now never have to do again. Angelina was first on the list and in Annabel and I went, giggling all the way about how hilarious the whole thing was and how paying a month’s rent for a hot chocolate was ridic. Still, it tasted pretty good. Sadly I couldn’t finish even half of it – not being a chocolate person – but we had fun, and that’s all that matters.

Les Petits Bonheurs: June 2016.Les Petits Bonheurs: June 2016.


Y’know the super cool Becky from Becky Bedbug? Well it turns out she’s kinda obsessed with me so that’s cool. She’s even been kind enough to feature me in the latest issue of Blogosphere magazine! If anyone isn’t aware of Blogosphere, it’s basically a magazine run by bloggers, for bloggers. Super cool. I’m so so flattered and grateful to Becky for sneaking me into her list of current lifestyle faves. I look forward to her forgetting all about me now that I’m back home!

You can pick up a copy of issue 9 on the website, and even subscribe to the magazine! Get on that.

Les Petits Bonheurs: June 2016.About


Okay so maybe these aren’t new for this month, but boy oh boy does my blog/insta/self suit this combo. I think I’ve found my actual soulmate combo. This is my vibe. Along with fabulously wistfully glazed doughnuts, this is my aesthetic. No one can stop me.

nettle&blackberryLes Petits Bonheurs: June 2016.


Since I’m now officially a ‘UK lifestyle blog’ rather than a super cool Paris gal, I guess it’s time to update all my bios, about pages, and give myself a little bit of a refresh. I’ve started with my header/branding. What do y’all think? At the moment I’m 90% in love with the top header, with the rose, but the daffodil is just so cute! Sometime in the next week or two I’m going to sit down and think about what I want from my blog, moving forward, and where I want to take it. Stay tuned for a few more little tweaks and changes, while I figure out who I am outside of France.

Rain At The Tour Eiffel.


I spent the last ever week of my year in Paris going up things. The Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, and, for one last time, the Institut de Monde Arabe. I’m not sure why I saved the majority of these things to do in a Panic in my last week, and didn’t manage to fit them in over the course of 10 months, but there we are. Maybe it was me planning ahead for all those times I stared out over Paris and had to pretend the tears in my eyes were just from the wind/rain and not because I was looking out over my home for the last time. Ugh. Honestly, all my blog posts lately have been so sad and final and wow.

So shall we lighten it up? I’ve spent this month with the people I dragged up all these different towers, my friends. My French friends, my English Friends, my American friends – yeah that’s about it for this month re: nationalities. I think. A lot of people had gone home. This month, like most months, would have been nothing without all of these amazing people making sure that I had the best last month possible. I’m forever grateful. You guys are awesome and I’m just so so happy that you’re in my life. Awwwww.

Les Petits Bonheurs: June 2016. Les Petits Bonheurs: June 2016.


This month I’ve gone from someone that never really reads, to someone that reads like all the time. On the metro, in bed, making dinner, in the street, you name it and I’ve probably read there this month. I think it’s because I’ve realised there’s so much more to bookshops than Waterstones lets on. Paris is full of little bookshops. My new fave is a French Canadian second hand bookshop near Saint Michel, called The Abbey Bookshop. Books in both English and French, piled from floor to ceiling, and everywhere in between. From old classics, to brand new shiny celeb biographies, there’s something for everyone. Oh, and it smells divine.




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  • Jennifer says:

    You’re blog is looking lovely with the things you’ve refreshed 🙂 Also – the stripes and peonies combination is perfect!! I’d noticed that over on your instagram and was thinking how great it looked!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • kate/idoscope says:

    i absolutely love the rose in your new logo! Plus,i bought blogosphere at the airport two weeks ago and i was so happy to see some familiar blogger faces in there like you<3

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | | Enter my Charlotte Tilbury GIVEAWAY here

  • Aimée Julia Cottle says:

    Love your new blog header! I really, really want some peonies now I’ve seen this post! They look beautiful. x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • Becky Bedbug says:


    (That is all)

  • Rebecca Railton says:

    This post just made me so happy – but please don’t leave Paris because then who will I live vicariously through?! I’ve never actually been but I’m hoping to in the not so distant future so I’ll be pestering you on Twitter for all your best tips lol.

    Blog is looking gorge, and I love your new header! Plus the peonies and stripes thang is goals. Hashtag winning.

    Oh oh and I’ve also just ordered the Blogosphere mag for the very first time just half an hour ago… how’s that for a coincidence?!

    Rebecca xx

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