Les Petits Bonheurs: January 2016

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So I’ve started a new little thing. Kind of like the classic ‘Sunday Post’ but not on a Sunday. A little roundup of the little things that have made me happy lately.

Because I’m a pretentious twat I’ve gone for the name ‘Les Petits Bonheurs’ just to rub it in that I live a massive Parisian cliché. Yolo. It basically translates as ‘little happies’ or ‘small pleasures’ so that’s pretty cute and stuff. Anyway, moving swiftly on.

I’ve been back in Paris. Fingers crossed, after a short stop at home for some finalising dental work, I’ll be back for good. Late January to mid-June in Paris. Its going to be a long one. So, to keep myself from running back home, these little posts are going to pop up every now and then just to remind myself of all the things that have made me smile.

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One of my favourite spots in Paris is the viewing platform on the 9th floor of the Institut de Monde Arabe. Its one of the most perfect views of Paris and is an excellent place to stand and chat, daytime or evening. There’s also a super fancy restaurant and tea room up there but I don’t dare enter for fear of my three cards all being declined over a cup of thé vert.

Anyway, Oll and I went up last Saturday after a lovely brunch (although tbh it was at 12 so probably just a lunch without breakfast, am I right?) It was a gorgeous crisp day and the view, as usual, was stunning. Absolutely stunning. (I should add that its one of my favourites because you can’t actually see the Eiffel Tower and we all know my feelings on that one.

we make war in our hearts

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We also took a little afternoon trip to the Rodin Museum. Rodin is one of my faves from the Parisian art scene and the museum has been on my list for a while. We weren’t disappointed.

Like everywhere in Paris, the museum is free for EU citizens under 25 so wooo for that one! They also have a surprisingly nice tea room. I mean its no National Trust or anything but its pretty good. Their tea actually tastes like actual English Breakfast so that was always going to be a win for me. Apparently the hot chocolates are nice too.

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