Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016.

Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016

Bloody hell, wasn’t April just the busiest month ever?

Seriously, it was just so non-stop. I think I had about three days off all month. Damn.

Anyway, as it’s now behind us, it’s time for a little roundup. Here are my Petits Bonheurs for April, 2016.

First up is a simple one. Isn’t Spring just so beautiful? Take a look at all the blossom. The first is from Notre Dame (post coming soon) and the second is my garden at home. That pink!

I should probably also point out the brunch photo above. Flat White is everyone’s favourite café and hipster food spot in Durham and I’m a sucker for Eggs Royale. And those pancakes? I’m not a sweet person by oh my god did they look incredible.

Notre Dame De ParisLes Petits Bonheurs: April 2016 Disneyland Paris: Photo Diary

We all know that I went to Disneyland Paris towards the end of April, and had the best day ever. EVER. I wrote two posts about the day. This little photo diary, and an ultimate guide to daytripping Disney. What I wouldn’t give to be back there right now instead of in school. Ugh. School is the worst. Still, with Disneyland only a half hour away, I can always go again!

Disneyland Paris: Photo Diary Disneyland Paris: Photo Diary A Roof With A View: The Pantheon, Paris

How amazing is my new favourite view of Paris? I live right behind the Pantheon, but have never really bothered to go up to the top and have a look round. That all changed a few weeks ago. You can find the post here. I’ll be going again, asap.

I also took a little break from Paris to head back home, and to Durham. I’m so so glad that I did, and had the best, most relaxing time (and ate my bodyweight in cake tbh…) I also discovered a new favourite café, right near the Cathedral, called Cafédral Durham. I see what they did there. The little tea room is decorated so fabulously and even the staircase up is absolute goals. I’ll be going over and over again when I head back for good in October.

Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016.

On the last day of April, I went to the beach on a cute little doube-date thing. I love the beach. I can’t even tell you how much I love the beach. There’s something about the sea that just makes my soul happy. Cities are fine, the country is fine, the sea is just something else. We walked along the shore and played in the arcades and then went for burgers and shakes and yassss – so blissfully happy (and also kinda disgustingly full to be honest…)

Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016.Les Petits Bonheurs: April 2016.

And that’s all from me! April was just so busy and fun, and I can’t wait to see what May has for me. Hopefully more of the same, and less of the illness. Fingers crossed!

What did you get up to in April?
Did anything really stand out as being fabulous?


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