Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016


Yes it’s that time again! Time for me to throw loads of photos at you in a massively long post all about the things I’ve done this month that aren’t quite big enough for their own blog posts but are still worth a mention.

February has dragged a bit, if I’m honest. It’s been one of those months that just never seems to end and each day feels like a step in the wrong direction.

Don’t get me wrong, some truly fabulous things have happened this month and on the whole I’ve been happier than I’ve been in a long time in Paris. I’ve also had some minor shockers. That’s life though, eh?

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things that have put a smile on my face despite the never-ending winter.

February 2016

1. Valentine’s Day

I’m not normally a Vday person, and neither is Oliver. It’s not that we’re one of those ‘we don’t do Vday’ couples, but we kinda just get on with it and have a nice time and then move on with our lives. Pretty chill. This year marked our third Vday (cute) and in true ‘me’ style, I was in the city of love by myself (that’s a lie, my mum came to stay.)

To make up for it, I bought myself some gorgeous red roses and waited by the post box for Ollie’s promised presents. I don’t want to be ‘that girl’ and say that my boy did good but to be honest he literally did so if you want to fight me, form an orderly queue. A pretty candle, some care-package tea and party rings, some cute little hearts and Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Bitch Perfect’. I literally sent him about 50€ of fancy chocolate (I’m talking Fauchon) so its cool, we’re even. In our defence, I haven’t seen him since the first week of January, and won’t until the first week of April.

Not that I need to defend myself.

February 2016Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016

2. Breakfast

So I’ve found my favourite breakfast spot in Paris (for now) and it’s literally over the road from my apartment. Like, literally over the road.

I’ll be writing up a full post about it at some point before June but for now just take a look at these two breakfasts: one with a friend and one with mummy. I mean, a croissant, bread and jam, a hot drink and a fresh orange juice is just the best on a lazy Sunday morning – and is even better for only 7.50€ total.

Sitting and watching the world go by on a Parisian Sunday morning is something I am definitely going to miss when I finally head back home.

(If you’re ever in the 5th, Pantheon way, go and find Le Petit Cardinal for great food and really lovely people.)

Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016 Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016 Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016 Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016

3. Le Petit Palais

This is officially one of my favourite museums in Paris. It’s completely free, for everyone ever, and is a little like a tiny version of the V&A in London. A hodge-podge of beautiful things from all over the place, all presented in a series of absolutely gorgeous rooms. Oh and the floors are just to die for!

Seriously, if you’re ever stuck for something to do in Paris, and the weather perhaps isn’t the best, and you’re a little strapped for cash, I’d definitely jump on the metro and hit the Petit Palais. Real talk.

The café is also super good and you can mange yourself some patisserie on gorgeous wire chairs in the mini garden inside the Palais. Lovely.

Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016 Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016

4. A few extras

Starting from the top, my new fave things in my apartment. Fake plants in bright white pots. I mean, yeah. Do I even need to explain why? Really?

Next: this view of Concorde was actually taken from inside the Petit Palais but can I live? I really bloody love Paris at the moment.

Finally, the Palais Royal. The place all bloggers go for a quick Parisian outfit shot, and weirdly, I had never been until this month. It really is gorgeous. I mean, the humbug things are a bit of a gimmick but if you look past them it really is such a beautiful part of Paris. You can see loads more on my instagram, but sadly my camera died half way through so… sad times.

Les Petits Bonheurs, February 2016

What has made you smile this month?
Have you discovered anything exciting just outside your front door?


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  • Hannah says:

    It looks like you’ve had a great month – that museum is dreamy! When I finally visit Paris, that will be on my list. Breakfasts look delicious…

    I found the cutest tea room yesterday and I’ve fallen in love!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  • I feel you, February can be suuuuch a drag! I just want Spring and Summer already! Sounds like your Valentines Day was good, it can be such a pain being apart but at least it won’t be too long now until you’re reunited!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Asti says:

    Glad that even though February has been a bit of a humbug month, you’ve still been able to find some things to make you smile in there!

    I feel you on the whole spending Valentine’s Day alone thing. I haven’t seen my fiancé since August and we’re not seeing each other again until March, and even though we don’t usually do anything on Vday it can be a little lonesome just spending it by yourself! Of course, mine completely forgot it was coming up and just quickly ordered me a LUSH package when I mentioned it, but hey, I don’t mind. Sounds like yours put in a bit more thought 😉

    And I’ll definitely have to remember Le Petit Palais and Palais Royal for the next time I visit Paris! My fiancé and I visited for the first time when we were last together and I absolutely loved it there and hope to visit again in the future.

    Asti || ohasti.com

  • elainea says:

    Le petit palais looks incredible! Your photographs are gorgeous as always. xx

    Toast the Girl Almighty

  • Alexandra L says:

    The pictures are really nice !
    I hope march will be as good as february !

  • Martha Jane says:

    Aww this is such a lovely upbeat post! Ollie sounds like such a keeper too. Glad you’re loving Paris a little more! x

    Martha Jane | http://www.marthajanemusic.com

  • Aimée Julia Cottle says:

    Those breakfasts look delicious! I’ve got so many places to visit in Paris when I finally get there thanks to your posts 🙂 x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

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