The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda

The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]omething caught my eye as I wandered through the hallowed halls of John Lewis, Sloane Square, the other day. Something beautiful. Something that I couldn’t take to the till fast enough, money in hand. That’s right. It was the absolutely massive Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda. Ollie was all like ‘Imii, are you sure? Do you really need another planner? Really?’ but what does he know. I needed it. My life has changed because of it.

First up, the planner is massive. It’s a good 30 x 25 cm in size (rounded up to the nearest 5). Together with my laptop, it takes up most of my uni bag. It’s not really a handbag size, whip it out to check availability, planner. I don’t even really use a handbag so like, this is definitely a ‘keep on your desk’ planner. That’s fine with me. Maybe not so fine with you. We’re all different, with different planner needs.

The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda

This planner is excellent. August 2016 to December 2017, there’s enough room for everything I have planned for the next uni year, and then some. School work, social stuff (lol), and most importantly all the blog stuff, all fit in here perfectly. Shall I break it down?

So starting straight in we have a nice big pouch-page for keeping things in, like documents and stickers and stuff. Then we have a double page of 2017 and 2018 calendars. Yeah, I thought the 2018 calendar was a bit weird too, considering half of this planner is 2016, and none is 2018, but that’s how planner things work so I’m not going to get too weird about it. These are followed by a double page spread for big celebrations per month. Kind of like a bullet journal ‘future planner’ section. This is for 2017, not 2018, and not 2016. 2017. After one more page, where all the American ‘holidays’ are listed – um what even is flag day? – we have the big notes section. Nicely sectioned off with a little laminated divider, 15 pages of beautifully lined, massive pages. Here I keep my blog ideas list and record my social media stats, and that kind of thing.

The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda

Moving on into the monthly sections. Each month starts with a full calendar spread, complete with little notes section running down the side of the page. I haven’t really used this part very much as I’m not quite sure what to put there. You’re a creative bunch, though, so you’ll think of something.

God, I’m being so sarcastic in this post. What is even wrong with me? Hope that’s okay with you and all. Lol, if ya’ll want me at my best you have to take me at my worst. Unless you totally dig this. Let me know.

I’m not really a creative person. Like, I can draw and paint really well (but don’t, and haven’t even tried for 5 years) but I’m not one for stickers or decorating and stuff. I don’t like to get things wrong and decorating leaves you open to doing that. That said, up until the very last page of my bullet journal I was doing pretty well. But I finished that, entirely, and wanted something new.

So actually I am creative. Really creative. Just not in the way that everyone seems to be creative in the blogging world. That’s cool though.

Anyway, each month as separates into week-to-view pages, with a two page note section at the end. You can see the setup in the photo below.

I didn’t take any photos of anything I’ve actually written in the planner because it’s my life, y’know? It’s the main reason I never mentioned or instagramed or whatever my BuJo. My planner has things like my doctor appointments and my weight and random thoughts and it’s just a bit too ‘mine’ to share with everyone and have them reading my life on their phone or laptop.

I can assure you, however, that I’ve really got into this. The super large pages mean I can almost use this planner as a bit of a scrapbook. I’ve been sticking in business cards and flyers and receipts and all sorts from out and about, as well as writing little journal style bits about what I got up to that day. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s like a cross between a standard diary and my Parisian scrapbook. Keeping the tradition going for my standard boring life, without all the ‘fun’ Paris stuff. It’s really cathartic, not necessarily pretty, and gives me something to do on quiet evenings when there’s nothing on TV and I’ve finished all of Netflix.

I’m a pretty cool person, and this is a pretty damn cool planner.

The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda


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