A June Sephora Haul.

A June Sephora Haul.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]bviously leaving Paris meant leaving behind the abundance of Sephora stores. Sad times. Time to stock up! I dipped into the Cluny store, realised I already had most of the things I wanted/needed, and then left again with only three little bits. I’m a saint. Minimalism at its finest. A hero of saving money.

But seriously I still spent quite a bit because obviously all this stuff is expensive, in spite of size and number of items.

First in my basket was Bobbi Brown’s Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara. You may remember me telling you that I’m in the market for a new mascara, as my Better Than Sex is getting a little old, and that the Revlon All-In-One just didn’t quite cut it. I’ll be honest, this one doesn’t do wonders either – not for my lashes anyway. I have particularly rubbish lashes, and while this new mascara creates lovely length for hours and hours, I do tend to need a thicker formula. That said, this’ll be perfect for uni next school year as it goes on quick and won’t make me look too over-done for lectures. Until then, maybe it’ll stay at the back of my collection.

The Gradual Self Tanning Body-Lotion is, however, a winner for me. It goes on super easy and my skin is noticeably more sunkissed after just one application. The smell does develop into that biscuit smell, as all tanners do, but not for a while. The original scent is actually similar to salted caramel and I dig that. Wow that was a poorly written sentence, soz. As I don’t tan naturally I’ll be using this throughout the summer. That said, I actually have some tan lines on the go at the moment from the glorious weather towards the end of my time in Paris, so…

Finally, the Clinique Superdefence SPF 20 Moisturiser, in an aeroplane-friendly size, is just superb. As someone who burns under a lamp, I wear SPF all year round. I do, however, struggle to find SPF moisturiser that isn’t greasy, and doesn’t make my skin break out all over the place. This stuff is just a gem. A diamond in the rough. It’s weirdly thick, but goes on smooth, and soaks in quickly and beautifully. I’ve been wearing it every day, and can’t wait to pick up a full size version when it runs out. Lavvvv.

A June Sephora Haul.

What have you picked up lately?
Have you found a perfect mascara?


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