June Goals

June Goals
June Goals

I’m so looking forward to seeing what June has to offer…

May was a weird month of doing loads of things while also doing absolutely nothing. Flurries of activity and stress surrounded by completely empty patches. Overall, it was a pretty nice month. And if I thought May was good, June is going to be an absolute banger of a month.

01. Healthy body, healthy mind. I’ve been going to the gym a lot lately – like, A LOT – and I’m growing to love it again. I used to be really into running and gym stuff and basically being a fitness legend, but it slipped away after my year abroad. I think its coming back, though, so that’s nice for me. I’m feeling more confident and eating healthier at the very least.

02. As much uni work as possible in the next 23 days. I fly to Mexico on the 25th, and term ends on the 22nd, and between now and then I wan’t to get an essay done (read: have to) and also be in a decent place with my dissertation. The plan is to be able to get back and go straight into it and bash it out as quickly as possible by September. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, lads. It’s going to be hard in the library while the post-exam hype is all around me in Durham.

03. Consistent water intake rather than smashing a litre before bed. I always drink around 2.5l water a day, but it tends to be in huge chunks rather than throughout the day. It means I spend most of my mornings dehydrated, and most of my nights pissing every ten minutes. I’ve bought one of those bottles that has times on the side and hopefully I can slow it down and spread it out. Hydration 24/7.

04. Try not to worry too much about Central America. I’m not worried about the whole travelling thing, that’s chill and exciting and I’m buzzing for it. I’m a little nervous because I never cope well in heat and, compared to the last time Ollie and I did anything exciting (Bali) I’ve gone up quite a few dress sizes. I’m a little nervous about the beach and about getting hot and about photos and finding clothes that I’ll be comfortable in without looking awful. It’s a bit of a non-complaint but hey ho. Just relax, Imogen.

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